Best Mobile Betting Apps

Below,  you can see the best betting apps list for UK punters on the go! No need to be sitting at home if you download one of these beastie betting apps 🙂

Mobile Betting Guide

Do you remember a time when you had to go down to your local bookmakers to place a wager?

Although many people still prefer that traditional way of betting it seems a slightly archaic approach these days. The younger generation will struggle to believe there was even a time before mobile betting!

Betting on the move has become part of society and mobile punting is growing rapidly. It’s never been easier to place a football accumulator, preside over a horse racing double or opt for a speculative punt on the cricket – you don’t even have to crank up the desktop computer!

Mobile betting

Mobile Betting Introduction

The majority of reputable bookmakers throughout the UK & Europe offer a mobile betting App or service which allows existing customers to access their betting accounts via their smartphones or iPad.

Sceptics will always remain but it is perfectly safe to use and the companies have ploughed millions into ensuring customers are safe from fraud which is always reassuring. Reputations are on the line and they aren’t going to risk losing thousands of loyal customers.

Apps are available for the majority of smartphones and specific versions can also be downloaded for iPhone, Blackberry & Android. It couldn’t be easier!

Firms are also constantly evolving their mobile product claiming to make it faster and more efficient than ever before. A large percentage of their customer base and thus income now arrives via this medium and it’s only going to get bigger and more powerful!


  • Bet anywhere – on the bus, train, in a restaurant or on the toilet (the last two are not related)
  • It’s quick and efficient and if you have a busy lifestyle, it literally takes seconds out of your hectic schedule!
  • Customers get exactly the same amount of markets, value and tempting offers as desktop users.
  • Many bookmakers offer special deals or promotions exclusive to mobile users. These are worth exploring.
  • It’s secure and you can deposit or withdraw safely at any point. There are a number of payment options available and money can be moved immediately.


  • If you possess an addictive personality, it’s easy to get carried away and it can be far too easy to deposit money 24 hours a day.
  • Many Apps will require regular updates which can be a little frustrating.
  • Some mobile apps occasionally crash or slow down.

The positives far outweigh the negatives. If you are worried about spending too much through mobile betting – all firms allow maximum deposits to be set online, which is a handy tool.

Main Operators


Ladbrokes were lagging behind for a while with their mobile betting app but they have recently invested heavily and it’s now quicker and more efficient than ever. There are hundreds of markets available and the In-Play betting experience is very enjoyable. It appears as though they are constantly striving to improve the product which is always a bonus. Read our review of Ladbrokes here.


888Sport allow users to access their mobile site via the internet browser and offer specific mobile-only offers to customers. This includes the opportunity to take a penalty which could result in prizes. 888Sport is excellent for bonuses, promotions and football odds but their mobile offering isn’t as speedy as their competitors. The interface is occasionally a little clunky and harder to navigate than some of their rivals which can be frustrating if placing a wager in a hurry.

Often bookmakers bonuses will be applied once the App has been downloaded, installed and you’ve signed in for the first time via your device.


In-Play betting is bigger than ever before! One of the advantages is that it allows punters to change their mind, alter their pre-match predictions and still make money!

All major sporting events will be priced up by bookmakers and are available via the mobile app. Whether it’s cricket at 4am, tennis from South America in the evening or a small wager on Sunday’s NHL, it’s all ready to go. Traders will be monitoring the game and the markets and will price them up accordingly.

Bookmakers are constantly updating their betting in-play offerings and making it quicker to place wagers mid-match.

If you’re following the football in the pub and your pre-match wager on the home side isn’t going according to plan, you can simply place a bet midway through the first half on the opposition and minimise your losses. (Possibly even make a profit – that’s the joy of mobile betting!)

Each mobile betting service also offers a live scoreboard! Bet365 for example will list each teams ‘Attacks’, ‘Dangerous Attacks’, Corners, Cards and Shots on/off target. This helps if you are getting involved at half-time for example. You can get a feel for a match despite not watching it!

You can do all this from a smartphone!

What to look for…

It’s always good to shop around before downloading anything. Most people don’t want their smartphones weighed down by numerous betting apps which is perfectly understandable so making the right choice is imperative.

Apps which are quick to download, easy to navigate and offer a generous bonus are the most desirable.

William Hill offer their ‘Quickest ever’ mobile betting service whilst 888Sport have several bonuses and the chance to win free bets on a daily basis. Coral are ideal for football bettors whilst Betfair Exchange allows users to ‘lay’ selections that they don’t fancy. It’s a crowded market and each individual need will be catered for!

Nobody is expecting you to use mobile betting 24/7 (and you certainly shouldn’t!) but an App which allows bets to be placed seconds before a match gets underway or find the price of a Premier League team at the drop of a hat is ideal.

Why should I use mobile betting?

Mobile betting makes it faster and easier to place a bet than ever before! Society continues to move at an overwhelming pace and in the grand scheme of things placing a wager on tonight’s football or today’s horse racing is often far down the priority list! This can lead to it being easily forgotten…

‘I was going to bet on that…’ or ‘that’s what I thought would happen…’ are frustrating sentences to utter BUT with mobile betting you CAN place that wager!

It only takes seconds to place a bet via the majority of mobile apps and you won’t miss out again!

There are also a number of fantastic offers and promotions available to mobile users which can be hugely rewarding. You’ll probably end up spending less than you think…

Whatever your interest there is something for everyone. All markets are available and the odds are equally as competitive. Whether it’s betting in multiples (accumulators/4-fold/Trebles/Yankees) or opting for singles, it’s all available through mobile betting.

The market is swamped with mobile betting operators and the advice is to bide your time and weigh up what you need from the app before pressing download and signing up!