Multiple English Open Betting Opportunities Today

It is going to take you quite some time this morning trying to work out just which snooker players are in with the very best chances of winning their respective English Open snooker tournament matches today, but I plan to help you make sense of them!

Below I am going to be rattling through some of the matches that are scheduled to be played today on which I think the betting odds are fairly and quite high to be honest, so do read on if you fancy placing any number of snooker related bets today.

The betting site I will be quoting the odds for each of those matches is Betfred, and when clicking through our links to arrive at their betting site if you are not yet a customer of theirs you will automatically qualify for their new customer sign up bonus when you do register having used our website links to get to their betting site.

A match that is starting at 10:00 this morning that is certainly worth a punt is the Stephen Maguire v James Cahill match, you will need to bet big to win anything decent when backing the favourite though for that favourite is Maguire whose odds are 1/7, but if you do think Cahill will come out on top and win that match his odds are huge at 9/2!

Lu Ning v Robert Milkins

There are quite a number of matches that are part of the English Open snooker tournament that are scheduled to start this afternoon and one of those afternoon matches that has caught my eye is the match starting at 13:00 between Lu Ning and Robert Milkins.

I do not think that Ning is going to win that match but his odd could be appealing if you do so at 11/5, my money however will be going on Mikins for even though he is odds-on to win that match at 4/11 he is certainly a player to follow and back!

More Matches worth Betting On Today

If you want to place a few bets on this afternoons matches that are part and parcel of the English Open snooker tournament then one match that will be in play from 13:00 that could be of interest to you is the Mark Allen v Anthony Hamilton match.

There is no escaping the fact that Allen is in excellent form and most pundits are of the mindset that he will win that match with great ease and his odds of doing so are 4/11 and those of Hamilton for reference are fairly decent to say the least being as they are 11/5 at Betfred.

At the same time as they above match you will also find the Elliot Slessor v Sean O’Sullivan match being [played, as far as who will win that match that should of course be Slessor whose win odds are 1/6 and the odds on offer on O’Sullivan are much higher at 4/1 but he does face something of an uphill struggle winning that match today it does have to be said!