NBA Finals Betting

Well, time has certainly flown, for we are now at the stage in the NBA when the final series of matches are due to be played, and there is a huge amount of interest from avid fans of the sport on betting on who they think is going to be the winner of those series of matches.

The most basic of bet is of course to place a wager on who you think is going to be the Series Winner, and there is no getting away from the fact that the Golden State Warriors are looking like the most likely winner but their odds are somewhat restrictive at 1/25!

But I do know many fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers have not given up the faith for their odds are 12/1, and there is of course still the chance that they could pull off something of a miracle and win!

NAB Finals Series Correct Score Betting

I suppose the best value to be had is by placing a bet on the correct score of the finals series, and If that is something you are prepared to do then the following odds are available on the only possible winning scores.

For Golden State Warriors to win 4 – 0 the best odds I have so far found are 5/4, and there is a fair bit of interest in the Golden State Warriors winning at odds of 4 – 1 betting opportunity, so much so the odds on that bet are 11/8!

You may think the final series score is going to be Golden State Warriors winning 4 – 2 and if that is the bet you want to place your hard-earned cash on then make sur you take the current odds of 15/2 being offered on it.

The only three other possible score and their respective odds ate the Golden State Warriors to win 4 – 3 at odds of 11/1, or the Cleveland Cavaliers to win 4 – 2 and the odds of that happening are 50/1 or you may fancy the 28/1 odds available on the Cleveland Cavaliers winning 4 – 3.

Finals MVP Betting

The only other betting market worth hacking out is the Finals MVP betting market, which is always going to be offering you a little bit of value if you look further than the current favourite.

With that in mind let me quickly rattle through the current odds on that betting market, it will probably not surprise you to learn that Stephen Curry is the current favourite but his odds are not go to make you rich if you do bet on him, for those odds are low at just 1/3.

You can however bet on Kevin Durant at odds of 9/4, and there are odds of 10/1 available on LeBron James. Three other bets that may or may not interest you in the Finals MVP betting market are Draymond Green at 66/1, and Klay Thompson who is also on offer at 66/1 and the rank outsider who is currently friendless in the betting market is Kevin Love at huge odds of 200/1!