New Range of Pooled Bets from BritBet

Have you ever been to a racecourse in the UK or even a greyhound track? If so then you will know there are a few different ways you can place a bet at such a venue, the first is by placing your bets with the trackside bookies.

If you have your mobile phone or tablet device with you, then you can of course bet online or via a mobile betting app, and the other way you can place a bet when visiting such a venue if by placing it on the Tote.

The Tote is a pooled betting service, which once was Government owned, then was purchased by Betfred, but it is now facing competition from a brand-new pool betting service that being BritBet.

BritBet is made up of a lot of racecourse owners across the UK who are going to be offering their customers a range of bets and wagers that operate using a pool betting system, much like the old Tote, and below I have listed, and I will be giving you an insight into how these new BritBets have all been designed, which are very similar to the old range of Tote bets by the way!

BritBet Win Bet and Place Bet

Picking a winner of a race is of course what every punter wants to do, however to get some of the bigger pay-outs from the BritBet Win Bet you should try and select one of the outsiders to win the race as there may not be many people who bet on that horse.

But which horse you pick is up to you however, and if your horse wins then so will your Win Bet, the more you bet though the bigger share of the pool you will get.

The old Tote Place bet was very confusing, but BritBet have designed their Place Bet in such a way all you need to find out is how many horses are running in a race, and then you will know how many positions the bet will pay out to.

Two places are paid out to races with 5 to 7 runners in them, a third place is paid out to races with 8 to 15 runners in them, four places are paid out on races with 16 to 24 horses in them and you get paid out to five positions when there are more than 24 horses running in any race you do decide to place a BritBet Place Bet on.

First Two Bet

The following few bets are all designed to allow anyone wanting to win some much higher valued winning pay-outs to be able to place a range of higher risk best that could see them winning big.

However, the easiest of them to win I suppose is the First Two Bet, and that is a simple bet which sees you having to pick the winner of any horse race and the horse that will finish in second place.

It is going to be the win odds and starting prices on the first and second horse that will ultimately determine how big the winning pay-out on this bet will be, as fewer people will have bet on two outsiders for example than will have picked the more fancied runners such as the first and second favourites to come first and second.

First Three Bet

This bet is much like a Tricast bet or a Trifecta bet, as the way it has been designed is such that a punter much pick the first, second and third horses to pass the winning post in the correct order to get a share of the First Three prize pool.

First Four Bet

You should only consider placing a First Four BritBet bet occasionally for you could spend days, weeks months or even years trying to successfully predict the first four placed horses in the correct order and sill never be able to achieve doing so!

First Five Bet

You will be best advised to pick out and perm together several race horses in one single race to have a much greater chance of winning a First Five bet, for the way this bet is structured is that it will pay out a dividend only to those lucky punters who do manage to pick the first five horses placed in any horse race!


Picking the first six or seven winners at a chosen racecourse is the name of the game when placing a GoldPot bet, and boy are you going to have to be skilful at picking winners if you do decide to give this bet a try!

The odds are so huge on someone being able to win on this bet, the prize pool is often going to roll over to another race, and it is going to continue to roll over and get bigger and bigger until some jammy beggar wins it!


The SiverPot is a bet in which you will be looking at picking one horse from the third to sixth races at any UK racecourse, and will be hoping each of them win, but a consolation cash prize is paid out if you pick out just three of the four winners.

However, much like the bet above there is a huge amount of luck needed to win one of these bets, but as the prize money does come with a guaranteed minimum, it could be a bet that tempts you!


No major skill or tactics are needed to win a Placer bet, for you must pick out one horse from any of the first six races at any race meeting, and if each horse you pick gets placed you are a winner.

However, if I was to place such bet I would be picking the horses with higher starting prices, for if you discount the favourites in each race, and they get turned over, there is a good chance of a huge winning pay-out.