New World Cup Bet from Paddy Power

If you are quick you will just have time to make use of a brand new type of soccer bet that is being offered to all customers of the Paddy Power betting site, and that is something known as a World Cup Group Straight Forecast bet!

There is nothing overly complicated about the way that bet has been designed, for it is much like the type of Straight Forecast bet you may have placed at one time or another on a horse race.

What you are faced with having to do however it to select two teams that are placing in the same group, and then hope the one you select to finish at the top of the group and the one you select to finish second in that same group do so at the end of the Group Stages.

By doing so you will be offered fixed odds on your bet, however as some teams are favourites to finish high up in their respective groups and some are outsiders to do so, it will be the two teams you select that will ultimately determine the odds you will be offered.

Group C Straight Forecast Bet

The best odds you are going to get offered to you on the most likely way Group C will end are 6/4 and that result is of course the 1st France/2nd Denmark bet, and the other popular bet at this moment in time is the 1st France/2nd Peru one which has slightly better odds of 11/4.

You may fancy placing a bet on the 1st Denmark/2nd France bet at 11/2 or on the possible 1st France/2nd Australia outcome at 13/2, but one very speculative punt is the 1st Peru/2nd France bet which will return high odds of 11/1.

The much better paying options and permutations include the 1st Denmark/2nd Peru bet at 20/1, the 1st Peru/2nd Denmark bet at 25/1, the 1st Australia/2nd France bet at 35/1 or if you want to take a few chances you could place a 1st Denmark/2nd Australia bet at odds of 40/1, a 1st Australia/2nd Denmark bet at 66/1 or a 1st Peru/2nd Australia bet at 80/1 or how the result is 1st Australia/2nd Peru and get odds of 100/1 on that outcome!

Additional World Cup Betting Opportunities

As soon as the Group Stage matches start to kick off you are then going to find a range of additional betting opportunities becoming available to you at betting sites such as Paddy Power, that were not available before those Group Stage matches began.

In fact, it will possibly be the in-play betting markets were you can bag some excellent betting value and those betting markets will open and become on offer to you once each match kicks off.

However, no matter which match has caught your eye you are always going to find a plethora of different betting opportunities other than simply picking out which team you think will win a match, and be checking out those additional betting markets and betting opportunities you can often secure some much better odds too!