Next UK Prime Minster Betting Odds

How do you fancy betting on who you think will be the next UK Prime Minster, whilst no one really knows when a new resident of number 10 Downing Street will move in, there will come a time when Theresa May is not PM, and that day could be sooner rather than later of course, if Brexit doesn’t go ahead on time or in a way that most people had hoped!

With that in mind I have been hunting around this morning looking for a betting site that not only has an early betting market offering odds on plenty of potential new UK Prime Ministers, but also a betting site that is offering some decent odds too.

It didn’t take me very long to come across one of our approved sports betting sites that did, and that betting site is of course Betfred, who are famed for their novelty betting markets.

Be aware though, this market is live and as such the odds could change at a moment’s notice, so if you do see any people listed below and you do fancy their chances of becoming the next PM and like the look of their respective odds too, then make sure you do get on over to BetFred to place your bets!

By visiting their website as a new potential customer using any of our BetFred website links, you will also be invited when you land on their website to make use of their sign up offer, the terms and conditions and full details of which can be found on their website too.

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson

There are of course two favourites to be the next Prime Minster of the UK, the first of course is the current leader of the labour party that being no other than Jeremy Corbyn and if you do think he is going to be moving into Number 10 as the next Prime Minister of the UK then back him now at Betfred to secure the odds of 9/2.

There is of course another politician that sure does have his eyes on the keys too number 10 and that is Boris Johnson, as for the odds you are going to be able to secure on him well if you are quickly Betfred will give you odds of 6/1!

Politicians with a Good Chance of Being the Next PM

If you can look past the two favourites listed up above, then there is some value to be had by backing some of the other much more fancied politicians, and one that you may just be interested in backing right now thanks to his high odds is Sajid Javid who is a rock solid bet it does have to be said at 7/1!

Two people you will sure have heard of and will either amide or hate are Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove, and it would appear there is a reasonable chance that either of them could be the next UK Prime Minister as BetFred are offering odds of 10/1 on either of them doing so!

You have to give Jacob Rees-Mogg a chance of becoming the very next PM of the UK, no matter how many times he says he has no intention of doing so, but if you do think he is in with a chance he is fairly easy to back at odds of 12/1, in fact another politician that can also be backed at the exact same odds as Rees-Mogg is Dominic Raab, so do keep him in mind too.

As for two other people who may just be in the running, but do have some quite generous odds attached to them are David Davis who looks to be honest a very fair bet at odds of 16/1, and then there is of course Andrea Leadsom, and whether she will through her that into the ring does remain to be seen, but if you do fancy her chances then now would be a very good time to back her as you can secure odds right now at Betfred of 18/1!

Complete Outsiders to be the Next UK Prime Minister

There are more outsiders than favourites of course to be the next UK Prime Minister, and as such let me give you a few ideas as to just who those outsiders are and their current odds of becoming PM.

Starting with Penny Mordaunt who is 25/1, then there is a huge jump in the odds on people such as Ruth Davidson, Tom Tugendhat, Matthew Hancock, Gavin Williamson and Emily Thornberry as they are all currently 50/1.

As for a handful of 66/1 shots you may fancy backing, well they include the likes of Brandon Lewis, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Amber Rudd, Priti Patel, Phillip Hammond, James Cleverly and Steve Baker 66/1.

As for the total and rank outsiders to be the next UK Prime Minster, well you could back any of the current 100/1 shots, just keep in mind that Betfred have given each of the following people odds that high as there is very little chance of them becoming the next Prime Minster or the Prime Minister at any time in the future!

Those total and complete outsiders who can be backed at odds of 100/1 right now include people such as Hilary Benn, Stephen Crabb, Sadiq Khan, Yvette Cooper, Tom Watson and Lisa Nandy.

But the list doesn’t end there for BetFred have plenty of other people on their betting market and they include Clive Lewis, Chuka Umunna, John McDonnell, Dan Jarvis, Keir Starmer, David Miliband and Karen Bradley.

In fact, they also have some people with even higher odds attached to them including Angela Eagle, Caroline Lucas, Owen Smith, Ed Balls and George Osborne all at 200/1, and also you can back David Cameron, Tony Blair and Henry Bolton at 250/1 if you do feel they have any chance of becoming the next UK Prime Minster, which least face it none of them do!