NFL National Football Conference Outright Winner Betting

It has been a while since I have looked at some of the many unique betting opportunities that are currently available on the NFL, and with that in mind today I am going to be turning my attention to the NFC outright winner betting markets.

As is usually the case, it is Betfred that are offering some of the very best odds on each of the teams in the NFC to win it, and if you do fancy betting on any of the many teams that do make up the National Football Conference in three NFL then below are the odds you can currently secure from that bookie.

Just keep in mind thought, that the odds are going to be subject to change at any time, and are very likely to move this weekend once each of this week’s NFL matches are played off and the results are known, so get your money down quickly is my advice if you do find any of the following odds tempting.

The New Orleans Saints however are the team that has been of interest to most punters, and if you do rate their chances, and let’s face it they do have an outstanding chance of success this season, then you can bag odds of 9/4 right now on them.

Second and Third Favourites

The San Francisco 49ers are also a team that have been attracting a fair amount of support from punters, for they do have a good chance of winning the NFC title this season and if you are convinced that is what they are going to do you will be able to back them right now at odds of 7/2.

Next in the better and the current third favourite are the Green Bay Packers and at odds of 9/2 there is some value to be had by backing them right now.

Other Teams Not Being Backed Currently

The list of teams that are not attracting any type of support, except form diehard fans are the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys at 9/1, but those odds are a tad on the skinny side when you consider their actual respective chances of winning the title this season.

The same could also be said for Los Angeles Rams I suppose, for at odds of 10/1 it is going to be difficult for them to win the title unless they massively improve their form and those odds really could be higher.

As for the teams I do think it safe to knock off your list of teams that are going to head the NFL NFC at the end of the season, well those teams and their respective odds are Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks at 14/1 along with teams such as the Carolina Panthers at 40/1 and both the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions at 66/1.

Three-digit odds are on offer on Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals and for reference those odds are 250/1.