NFL Week 1 Money Lines

You should be planning this week’s upcoming NFL betting activities if you are an avid fan of the sport, and there are certainly plenty of matches in the NFL that are available to bet on this week.

Today I want to take a look at the week one money lines that are currently on offer over at the Betfred betting site, for I’m sure that as you look at each of the matches and their respective odds you will very quickly realise just like I have, there are some enticing odds on offer on plenty of them!

On the 7th of September 2018 with a UK starting time of 01:20 you can watch the Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles match in which it is the Atlanta Falcons at 8/11 that many punters are taking the money lines on, however you can get 6/5 on the Philadelphia Eagles winning that match if you so desire.

09 September 2018 NFL Matches and Betting

There are some many matches in week one of the NFL being played on the 9th of September you may be a little overwhelmed when looking through the list of the, however allow me to help you make sense of each of the outright betting markets on those matches.

You can back Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 1/5 and their opponents New Orleans Saints are 19/5 to win that match. In the Houston Texans v New England Patriots match the outright win odds are 1/3 and 12/5 respectively, and you can back Cincinnati Bengals at 8/13 to beat the Indianapolis Colts who for reference are 7/5.

There will be plenty of punters taking the 3/10 money lines on Buffalo Bills to beat the Baltimore Ravens who are 13/5 to win that match, and the Jacksonville Jaguars may just win at money line odds of 7/5 against the New York Giants who are currently the 4/7 favourite to win that match.

If you think the Tennessee Titans at 21/20 are going to beat the Miami Dolphins who are on offer at 4/5 then get your bets placed now before those money line odds move, and there is some value to be had by backing the San Francisco 49ers at 4/11 in their match against Minnesota Vikings who are on offer at money line odds of 11/5!

For other matches and their respective money lines odds are Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles at 8/15 and 6/4                respectively,  the Seattle Seahawks at 8/13 should easily win their match against the Denver Broncos who are 11/8, and the Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals see money line odds at BetFred of  10/11 on both team. The money lines odds on the Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers match are 4/6 and 5/4 respectively!

There is also one NFL week one match that is scheduled for the 10th of September in that match it is the Chicago Bears who are expected to win at money line odds of 2/7 whilst their opponents that day are  Green Bay Packers who are fairly friendless as their money line odds of 11/4 do indicate.