NFL Week 2 Money Lines

The number of UK based punters that are actively betting on NFL matches has been increasing over the last few years, and as such today I want to take a look at some upcoming NFL matches that you may just fancy betting on.

You are not however going to be forced to have to track down and sign up to a US based betting site if you do fancy placing a bet on any of the following matches, for good old Betfred are offering all manner of different betting opportunities on each match, and not only an outright winner type of betting market either.

Below I have compiled a guide as to the money line odds that Betfred currently have on offer on each of the upcoming matches that are all part and parcel of week 2 in this year’s NFL season, and as such as you are about to discover there are plenty of matches and teams to bet on, but Betfred certainly do offer some attractive money line odds on each of them.

Keep in mind that to secure any of the following NFL money line odds you need to act quickly as they could change at any time, and by also using our website links to get to the Betfred betting site you will instantly qualify for their generous sign up offer, the details of which can of course be found on their website!

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

It is going to be on Friday that the match between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals, which for reference is a day earlier than each of the other NFL week 2 matches, so try and get your bets placed nice and early is that match is one you are interested in betting on.

As for just what the money line odds are on that match, well at Betfred you can back the Baltimore Ravens at 20/21 or if you prefer you can back the Cincinnati Bengals at odds of 20/23. But also be aware that due to the different time zones between the UK and the USA that match will be starting at  01:20 UK time, so keep that in mind if you do fancy placing a bet on it!

NFL Week 2 Matches on the 16th of September 2018

The majority of the matches in week 2 of the NFL are being played at various times of the day on the 16th of September, that is of course UK time, the first one is a match between the Los Angeles Chargers who are 13/5 to win and the Buffalo Bills whose money line odds are 3/10 to win.

The Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons match is one in which the home team are on offer at 2/5 and you can back the away team to win at odds of 2/1. It looks like the Indianapolis Colts are likely to win their match against the Washington Redskins as the Colts are 4/11 to do so but their opponent the Redskin are on offer at money lie odds of 11/5.

Many punters fancy the chances of the Kansas City Chiefs so much so their money line odds are now just 4/9 to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers who for reference are 15/8. Another team expected to win fairly easily are the Cleveland Browns who are 2/9 to beat the New Orleans Saints who I should point out are on offer at 7/2 to win that match.

Moving onto the Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers match, that match is quite a tricking one to try and predict the winner off, for the home team are easy to back at money line odds of 29/20 and he Buccaneers are also easy to back too at money line odds of 4/7.

The Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets match has been attracting plenty of money on the early betting markets but it sure looks like a tossup as to just which team will come out on top and win it. The Dolphins have money line odds at Betfred of 4/6 so are currently the favourite to win and the Jets are on offer at 5/4.

It is fair to say that the Detroit Lions whose money liens odds at Betfred are 2/5 over at Betfred at the rock solid favourites to win their match against the San Francisco 49ers, but if you do fancy the 49ers to win then there is certainly some value taking their money line odds which are currently 2/1.

In the Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams match you are going to hard to find any higher odds than 1/9 on the home team winning as win that match they are expected to do and very easily too, if you do fancy the chances of the Rams though their money line odds are very high at 6/1!

The last match of the day is the one in which the New England Patriots will be playing all out in the hope they can beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, as for just what money line odds you can secure on each team the home team are 21/20 and the away team are 4/5 to win.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

For those if you in eh UK it will be on the 17th of September 2018 at 01:20 in the morning that the New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys match will be starting and the money lines odds are 4/6 on the home team and 5/4 on he away team.

Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears

The match between the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears will be live in the UK on the 18th of September 2018 at 01:15 so once again make sure you get your bets on in plenty of time for that match.

As for where the value lays in regards to betting on that match, I will leave it up to you to pick the most likely winning to bet on, but the money line odds on the Seattle Seahawks are 8/15 and they are 31/200 on the Chicago Bears.