Nordea Masters August 18th Match Odds

There are more than enough golf matches being played today, so if you are an avid fan of the sport you will need to plan which ones you do fancy watching from home, and there are plenty of them being televised.

However, for an added but of spice to your viewing please you may also fancy watching and betting on some of today’s golf matches, and one golf tournament that is going to ensure you never go short of betting opportunities that is in full flow today is the Nordea Masters.

If you get your skates on there is still enough time left to have a bet on the first match of the day that being the one between Scott Jamieson and Paul Waring and as for what the odds are on that betting market you can take odds of 10/11 on Scott Jamieson winning that match, the tie is pencilled up at the Betfred betting site at odds of 15/2 and the odds on Paul Waring winning are 6/5 too.

There is also plenty of value to be had if you act quickly and bet on the Thomas Aiken V Hunter Stewart match and as for the odds on the three possible outcomes you can back Thomas Aiken at odds of 4/5 the tie is available at huge odds of 15/2 and Hunter Stewart does appear to be the value bet at his odds of 11/8!

Lee Slattery V Bradley Neil

There has been plenty of betting interest in the Lee Slattery V Bradley Neil match which is the third match that will be starting today as part of the Nordea Master tournament of 2018. The early money has been coming in for Lee Slattery whose win odds have now dropped to 4/6, the tie bet is on offer at 15/2 but if you fancy the chances of Bradley Neil his win odds are 13/8!

Thorbjorn Olesen V Martin Kaymer

I have had a bet myself on one of this morning’s matches and that is the one between Thorbjorn Olesen and Martin Kaymer for having spent some time weighing up the form of each of those two golfers I have come to the conclusion the match is going to go the way of Thorbjorn Olesen.

If you agree with me on his chances of winning being much better than those of his opponent you can back him at Betfred at odds of 5/6, the tie as usual is on offer at 15/2, and Martin Kaymer is available at odds of 13/10 too.

The only other match that I think is going to be worth betting on today in the Nordea Master Tournament is the one between Adam Bland and Clement Sordet then I doubt that match is going to end in a tie so the 15.2 odds on offer on a tie will probably not be of any interest to you.

But what will be of interest to you is that once again Betfred are offering some true valued odds on both players those odds being 21/20 on Adam Bland winning this match and also the exact same 21/20 on Clement Sordet winning it too!