Odds on the Next Conservative Leader after Theresa May

If you ever want to put a smile on your face, along with being faced with some novelty type betting opportunities, then it will always be worth you checking out the politics betting market over at William Hill!

There are currently a raft of betting markets currently live on their betting site, one of which is going to allow you to place a bet on whom you think is going to be the next leader of the Conservative Party once Theresa May calls it a day, for one reason or another.

It is of course Brexit and the negotiations thereof that is ultimately going to determine is she is still going to be at the helm after March of next year, and some would say here days are numbered right now and the clock is ticking before she either leaves or her own accord or is forced to resign her leadership.

That be as it may, there will come a time when a new leader is appointed, and there are several people who it would appear are doing all they can to ensure that leader is them, and of course several others who could end up being the leader of the Conservative Party by default.

Below you will find the current betting odds on some of the most likely leaders to take her job, along with some who have a reasonable chance and some who let’s face it have very little chance, and if you do fancy the chances of anyone named below then get your bets placed sooner rather than later is my advice!

Boris Johnson is the 7/2 Favourite to be the Next Leader

He is currently in the headlines due to the breakup of his marriage, due it appears to yet another affair, and whilst his private life is of course his own concern, Boris Johnson is currently the bookies favourite to succeed Theresa May.

If you think that is something that the Conservative Party are going to be able to stomach and he will be the next leader then the 7/2 odds on him doing so are fairly generous to be honest. But keep in mind this betting market is for the next permanent leader and not the caretaker leader!

He has worked his way up to a job as a Minister, and many people are convinced that one much more suitable person the lead the Conservative Party next is Sajid Javid, and many people are prepared to put their money down on him being so, so much so his odds are just 11/2 making him the second favourite.

One of the more likely candidates for the job however is the determined Brexiteer and one who does certainly have a way with words, that is Jacob Rees-Mogg, and with William Hill offering what does appear to be very attractive odds of 7/1 of him being the next Conservative Party leader that is one bet I would like to see come off, for he is sure to ruffle a few feathers if he did get the job for sure!

He may be one of the favourites to get the job being and his odds of doing so are 8/1, but there is no way in the world I can see Michael Gove getting the job, too many people remember the way he knifed Boris Johnson in the back previously and he has something of a look about him that many people cannot stomach!

As for Jeremy Hunt getting the job, William Hill think he is worth odds of 9/1 and no higher, however I doubt he is going to have the number of supporters required to land the role, for his previous job as Health Minister did see him making several enemies and not with only people working for that organisation!

There are two additional people who are higher up rather than lower down the betting market, and both of them are on offer at odds of 14/1 so they could both be classed as one of the favourites rather than rank outsiders and they are of course Andrea Leadsom and Dominic Raab.

Outsiders to Become the Next Leader of the Conservative Party

There are still plenty of people that could become the next leader of the Conservative Party, however to be fair those that I am about to name are the outsiders to do so, and I cannot see any of them ever doing so.

However, if you think people are prepared to overlook his resignation due to the way he saw the Brexit negotiations going, then David Davis could be in with a chance and his odds of being the next leader are 20/1, which are the same odds as Ruth Davidson by the way.

Amber Rudd and Gavin Williamson align with the current Chancellor of the Exchequer that of course being Phillip Hammond are all chalked up at odds of 40/1, and there are plenty of punters who are prepared to have a speculative punt on one of them being the next leader.

Justine Greening is another name you may be familiar with and she is fairly friendless in the betting market and as such you will find her on offer at William Hill at odds of 66/1.

Do you think that David Cameron could possibly be the next leader of the Conservative Party? Well, he did have the role before Theresa May, but not many people think he will be hence him being 100/1, which by the way are the exact same odds as you can get on the ex-Chancellor that being George Osborne, and also on another ex-leader of the party that being no other than Ian Duncan Smith.

He may be the father of the house, but Ken Clarke can still demand a lot of attention and is never afraid of putting his views forward and making then known, and he may be worth a punt if you fancy backing one of the outsiders, and his odds are also 100/1!