Only Liverpool Being Backed to Win the Premier League

At this stage of the football season, most punters have a very good idea of just which teams are going to go on to win each league title, and a quick glance at any bookies Premier League betting market will give you a good idea of just which team is expected to take the title for that league.

In case you are wondering that team is Liverpool, and they are the only team that punters are prepared to back right now to go on to take that league title, however that has left bookies with no other option that to cut the odds they are offering on Liverpool.

So, if you do want to join the many other savvy punters and have a bet on Liverpool winning the Premier League this season then sadly the best odds you can hope for are going to be short odds on, with most bookies offering odds on hem of around the 2/7 mark and not higher.

If you do not agree with the masses and fancy the chances of one of the other teams then make no mistake about it you are going to be rewarded with some much bigger and better valued odds right now, and below I will give you some idea as to just how high those odds are going to be.

Man City a Fair Bet at 10/3

Before the Premier League season got underway, it was Man City that most punters were backing to win the title this year and they were the team that were the red-hot favourite to do so, however this season has not proven to be their best one, we can all agree on that.

There odds to win the Premier League this season have never been higher and as such you can back them all day long at odds of 10/3, and the next team in the betting are Leicester who are still in with a chance but a very small one and for reference their odds are 16/1 currently.

Surely No Other Team Could Win?

There is very little chance any of the other teams are going to be crowned the champions of the Premier League this season, but there are always going to be some punter that will only be guided by the huge odds they can secure on some of the outsiders to do so.

If you are one of those punters that does want to throw caution to the wind and back one of the outsiders, then there are a few teams to consider placing your hard-earned money on.

Those teams include the likes of Chelsea and you should easily be able to back them for the foreseeable future at odds of around the 100/1 mark, and odds of 500/1 are readily available on Tottenham and even higher odds of 100/1 can be bagged right now on teams such as Arsenal, Man Utd and Wolves too, but just be aware those are hugely risky bets and ones that are highly unlikely to pay off.