Over/Under Betting Explained

You will always have the opportunity of betting on all sporting events, and what makes betting on any individual type of sport a tad more exciting are some of the many unique bets that can be placed on them.

However, if you are new to the world of betting, then you can often get confused when you do start looking deep into the betting markets to discover what else other than an outright winner type of bet you can place.

One bet that you are bound to come across on offer at plenty of different betting sites is one known as an over and under bet, this is a bet that will see you having to correctly predict whether there will be for example more goals scored in football match or runs scored in a cricket match or less of them than the bookmaker you are betting at has listed on their over/under betting markets

You will have just two possible outcomes available on most over under betting markets so you have a 50-50 chance of placing a winning bet, however the odds you will be offered on each possible outcome will rarely if ever be even money, so do keep that in mind!

Where to Place Over/Under Bets

There are several different betting sites and betting apps listed throughout this website and each of them are fully approved and therefore you can bet with complete confidence at any of them and they will of course all be offering you all manner of different over/under betting markets on a range of different sporting events too.

However, I have always found that MintBet have some of the best betting opportunities and betting odds available on their over/under betting markets and as such they are certainly a betting site to consider placing such a bet at.

Always Compare the Odds Available

Even though many betting sites are going to be offering you an over/under type of betting market, and often several of them in the same individual sporting events, you do need to keep in mind that the odds available can be different on each type of over/under betting market.

So much like you do when you set about betting on for example which team you think will win a football or cricket match, be prepared to shop around different betting sites to find the one that is offering you the highest possible odds.

As mentioned above even though you have a 50/50 chance of winning when placing an over-under type of bet the odds on offer will never be even money, and it could be either the over or the under part of the bet that has the lowest odds associated with it, and the reason the one that does has the lowest odds is that it is the result the bookies think is much likely to occur.

An example of an under over betting opportunity could be how many 180’s are scored in one single darts match, I recently saw a bookie offering odds of 4/5 that there would be over 8.5 180’s scored in a match and odds of 17/20 that there would be under 8.5 180’s scored in the match.