Paul Hunter Classic Bets of the Day

There have already been plenty of surprise results on the snooker matches in this year’s Paul Hunter Classic snooker tournament, and if you have been watching it you will be aware that today is the second day of that tournament and plenty of players will be hoping to get through to the next and final rounds.

However, part and parcel of betting on any of those matches, which for reference are being played at the impressive Stadthalle in Germany, is that you will never want to be getting access to low valued odds, and by choosing to bet at Bruce Betting you are going to find some of the best odds in the industry all chalked up on their betting markets.

As you are about to find out though, whilst some of those matches do feature some of the most fancied players to win this tournament, there are still many outsiders who will be hoping today is their lucky day, and as such you will find some very appealing odds if you do fancy the chances of one of more outsiders to win.

One of the very first matches of the day is going to see Kyren Wilson playing against Chen Feilong, and it is Wilson that most punters are convinced is going to win that match, so much so he has been backed right down to odds of 1/12 at the Bruce Betting site! However you can of course back Feilong and his odds are 6/1.

Gary Wilson v John Astley

All eyes will be on Gary Wilson this morning, for he is expected to progress through to the next round of this tournament quite easily, and that is certainly reflected in his current win odds.

If you do fancy backing him then you need to do so fairly rapidly, for that match is one of the very first ones to be played off today and his current odds of 2/5 are likely to be snapped up quite quickly, but if you think that today is the day that Astley is going to shine then his odds of 9/5 may just be worth taking!

Gerard Greene v Soner Sari

There is only one possible way that the Gerard Greene v Soner Sari match could end and that is a very decisive win for the multi-talented player that is Green, in fact so many players have been backing him overnight the best odds I have found on offer on him to win that math are 1/14!

Those very short odds do however mean that if you are of the mind it will be his opponent Sari that is going to win, then you have some very attractive odds you can secure right now, and those odds are that will probably temp some punters to take a chance on him winning and those odds are 13/2!

Ashley Carty v Jake Nicholson

It will certainly not have escaped your notice that some of the players who are going to be playing today are available at very short odds, and that is the case with Carty In his match today against Nicholson.

Therefore, if you think Carty will win, and there is a very good chance he will do it may be best for you to include him in a series of doubles and trebles, as his odds are 1/5, but for anyone out there who fancies the value of the odds on Nicholson then make sure you snap up those 3/1 odds sooner rather than later!

Joe O’Connor v Sompol Saetang

There is no doubting the talent of Joe O’Conner, in fact he is a player that I have already placed a bet on today, and the odds I got on him winning his match against Saetang  were 2/7, which I am glad to report are still available at Bruce Betting.

I do know however that Saetang does have a large following of fans, and with his win odds on this match being 5/2 there will be no shortages of his fans that will be backing him today, and hoping he will come out on top in that match, but I don’t think he is going to!

Matthew Selt v Vetter Luis

It is going to be very easy to not bother backing Matthew Selt to win his match this morning against Vetter Luis, for whilst there is no doubt he is going to win that match and win it with great ease, the odds compilers who have worked out the odds for this match are taking no chances what so ever on him winning!

That has resulted in his win odds being ridiculously low at just 1/33, and that does of course mean there are some huge odds on his opponent that being Luis, whose odds for reference are 11/1, but only a very foolhardy punter will be backing him!

Kilian Baur-Pantoulier v Ryan Davies

One much better balanced snooker match that is taking place today as part of the Paul Hunter Classic snooker tournament sees Kilian Baur-Pantoulier taking on Ryan Davies, and as the form of both players are quiet similar there is a much better set off odds available on both of them.

You are going to be able to secure win odds of 21/20 on Kilian Baur-Pantoulier, however there is some value to be hand by backing Ryan Davies and his odds of 8/11 do offer true and very real value it does have to be said.

Billy Joe Castle v Iulian Boiko

One final match that I think you will certainly be watching today and may also fancy betting on is the match between Billy Joe Castle and Iulian Boiko.

Billy Joe Castle is a good bet to win that match and you should not delay if you fancy backing him for his 1/3 win odds are being snapped up by many punters, if you think it will be Boiko who will win you will be rewarded with win odds of 21/10 at Bruce Betting.