Polish International Badminton Match Betting

It probably isn’t high up on your list of sporting events to bet on, but currently the Polish International is in full flow and as such if you are a fan of Badminton you are going to have plenty of matches you can bet on today.

However, trying to secure some value on those matches could provide difficult, due to the fact that many of them are very one-sided affairs! But having said that thanks to betting sites such as NetBet you should be able to get some fairly decent odds on the players you think could win today.

The very first match of the day today is the one between Dinuka Karunaratna and Felix Hammes which starts bright and early at 08:00, it is NetBet that are offering the best match odds and those are 1/15 on a win for Dinuka Karunaratna and 5/1 are the odds they are offering on a Felix Hammes win!

In fact the Jesper Toft vs Hannes Gerberich match si also starting at 08:00 UK time today so if you fancy betting on that match you can get odds of 20/67 on Jesper Toft an 21/10 on a Hannes Gerberich win.

Manuel Vazquez vs Alex Lane

One of the feature matches of the day today in the Polish International badminton tournament is the match that sees Manuel Vazquez up against Alex Lane that match will be starting at 08:35 and as for where the smart money is going well it isn’t on Manuel Vazquez for his win odds are 43/20

It is Alex Lane that does look the most likely winner of that match, and there has been plenty of cash bet on him already over at NetBet on their early prices betting market so much so they are now offering odds of just 20/67 on him winning that match.

Other Polish International Matches to Consider

If you are quick you can also bet on the 09:10 match in which it is Wei Chi Liu that will be hoping to beat his opponent Joonas Korhonen, as for a few pointer as to the likely way that match will end, well it does look like Wei Chi Liu at 20/59 cannot possibly lose that match but I wouldn’t put you off betting on Joonas Korhonen who is 19/10 to win.

The only other match of the many that are scheduled to start today that I do like the look of from a betting point of view and one that does have some generous odds attached to it at NetBet is the match between Wolfgang Gnedt and Miha Ivanic.

That match is going to be starting at 10:55 so you do have plenty of time to place a bet on it and as far as the odds go you can back Wolfgang Gnedt to win at odds of 20/33 and I do know that at odds of 23/20 there will be plenty of people having a bet on Miha Ivanic who could just win this match if everything falls into place.