Pre-Christmas Spanish La Liga Matches

Football fans interested in watching and/or betting on a few matches in the Spanish La Liga before Christmas are in luck, for there are quite a number of matches that will be in play over the next few days, all of which you are not going to have any problems being able to place a bet on.

I will however be giving you some insights into the teams that could win those matches and also letting you know if any of them are likely to finish with a draw, and the odds I will be quoting are from one of our top rated betting sites, that being 10Bet.

The match between Girona and Getafe looks a tricky one to try and work out the result of for the odds on Girona are 17/10 the draw odds are 39/20 and it appears that Getafe are the ever so slight outsiders to win that match with odds on offer of 19/10.

If you are thinking about betting on the Sociedad vs. Alaves match, then I really do urge you to bet with the 10Bet betting site for the odds on all three possible outcomes of that match are high, with Sociedad on offer at win odds of 5/6 the draw odds being 12/5 and the outsider to win are the Alaves whose odds do give you an indication of their winning chances being as they are 7/2!

Real Betis vs. Eibar

I have been trying to make sense of the upcoming Real Betis vs. Eibar match and trying to work out just where the value lays in that match from a betting point of view, and I am now firmly of the mind the best bet you can place on that match is on the draw.

To allow you to make up your own mind as to which if any of the three possible outcomes you may fancy betting on in that match the odds on Real Betis winning are 5/5, the draw odds are 51/10 and you can get odds of 33.10 on an Eibar win too.

Other Spanish La Liga Matches

It should be easy enough to find a betting site that will be offering you odds on the Atletico Madrid vs. Espanyol match, however once again it is the 10Bet Sportsbok that do have by far and away the best valued odds available on that match.

They will offer you odds on the favourite to win that of course being Atletico Madrid of 5/13 you may fancy backing the draw at odds of 33/10 but if you are convinced for whatever reason that it will be Espanyol that will win that match the odds 10Bet will offer you are huge at 9/1!

One other Spanish La Liga match that is going to be played before Christmas is the match that sees Barcelona hosting the Celta Vigo team, and I doubt you are going to need any help in trying to work out just which team is likely to win that match!

It is of course Barcelona that are the red hot favourites to win and their win odds are 2/17 those low odds mean that the draw odds are high are 33/4 and the win odds on Celta Vigo are even higher at 16/1!