Premier League Matches and Odds for Saturday the 3rd of November

There is plenty of football action this weekend, and as far as Premier League betting opportunities go, Ladbrokes really are pushing the boat out as far as their early betting markets, and with that in mind I will be giving you an insight into where the value lays below.

The first match kicking off this Saturday the 3rd of November is the match between Bournemouth and Manchester United, and the odds on both a Bournemouth win and the draw are the same at Ladbrokes as they are going 5/2 on both of those two possible outcomes, however at even money my money is going on a United win, as yours should be too!

The Cardiff v Leicester is of course going to be a match in which emotions will be running high, and whilst you may not fancy betting on that match or even watching it if you have been affected by this weeks tragic events, the odds are 5/2 on a Cardiff win, 11/5 on the draw and you can get 23/20 on a Leicester win, and lets hope Leicester do win that match, for obvious reasons.

There is some value to be had regarding the Everton v Brighton match, and if you do fancy a punt on the home team winning, as I am sure plenty of you will do their odds over at Ladbrokes are appealing given their very obvious winning chances at 8/13, the draw odds on that match are 11/4 and you can get 19/4 on a Brighton win, but win I doubt they will do.

Newcastle, West Ham and Liverpool a Perfect Treble

Some of you out there may fancy placing a treble bet on this weekend’s Premier League matches and if so, there is a treble I think you should be placing.

The first team to include in that bet is Newcastle who will be up against Watford at home this coming Saturday, and if you do get your skates on you should be able to secure odds on 33/20 on a Newcastle win.

You could of course prefer backing the draw at 21/10 or even backing Watford, and if so their odds of winning that match over at the Ladbrokes betting site are 7/4.

As for the second team to include in your treble I think that at odds of 3/4 there is betting value to be had right now on a West Ham win, the home advantage should be all they need to beat Burnley, and as far as the draw odds and away team win odds go, they are 5/2 and 15/4 respectively.

There is a later than normal kick off for the Arsenal v Liverpool match so do keep that in mind if you fancy placing a bet on that match, however the final team to include in your treble bet are Liverpool who I think should take all the beating in that match and their odds are currently even money. They offer better value than both the draw odds and a win for Arsenal which are 27/10 and 12/5 respectively.

Wolves v Tottenham

The match between Wolves v Tottenham is kicking off at 19:45 this coming Saturday, but that match is a little trickier to try and predict the outcome of than it first looks as it could be a match that goes either way.

On the bare form of each team so far this season it is easy to see why Ladbrokes are going 11/5 on a Wolves win, 23/10 on the draw and  are also offering odds of 6/5 on a Tottenham win, and as such I think plenty of punters will be taking the 6/5 about Tottenham.

However, if I had to pick a likely outcome of this match my money would be going on a draw, and possibly a goalless draw at that, however I am sure that you will have your own ideas as to just which outcome will occur.

Don’t Forget You Can Bet In-Play Too!

One thing worth keeping in mind if you do place a bet before any Premier League football match starts, is that you are going to be able to place a bet as soon as that match kicks off too, and that is by simply making use of the in-play betting markets at Ladbrokes.

Those betting markets go live as soon as the games kick off and they are a way for you to hedge or even lay off any bets you have placed before the start of any match, if you think you need to or the match isn’t going the way that you have initially thought it would.

Just be aware though that the odds can be quite volatile at times and they are going to be constantly updating in real time as any Premier League or for that matter any football match is under way and in play, and as such you will need to act fast if you do spot any odds on any betting opportunities you do fancy securing.

Lay Football Bets at Betfair

Another thing that is always worth knowing is that by signing up to use the Betfair betting exchange you are going to have the opportunity of laying bets off other punters on any football match you fancy offering your own odds on.

If you haven’t yet ever used a betting exchange, then head on over to their website as they have some informative educational videos that will guide you through everything you need to know about laying odds and taking bets.

Just make sure that you offer odds that punters are going to want to take, but never go overboard with the odds you are offering, for if you do lay bets from other punters and they win, then you are going to have to pay them out at the odds you offered them based on the stake they placed on their winning bet, however if they lose you get to keep their stake money of course