Punters Betting on Who Will be the Next PM

It was only going to be a matter of time before Theresa May accepted her tenancy in 10 Downing Street and her job as Prime Minster of the UK would come to an end, but to be fair to her she has now admitted defeat and will be leaving office in a couple of weeks.

As sure as night follows day however, sports betting sites are now offering odds on just whom is going to replace her, and there are no shortage of fellow Conservative MP’s that think they have a fair chance of becoming the next PM.

They do have of course to be nominated by at least two other MP’s and then win the inhouse vote, but today I am going to be looking at the current stake of the next Prime Minister betting markets that you are going to find being offered to you at most bookies sites.

Before I present to you the odds on Conservative MP’s becoming the next UK Prime Minister, I should add that Jeremy Corbyn, whilst Labour Leader is being offered with odds attached to him at most betting sites, but with odds of 20/1 on him becoming the next Prime Minister I do think those odds are way, way too low to be considered!

Boris Johnson the Current Favourite

You will probably find the prospect of Boris Johnson being the next PM either very appealing or one you simply cannot stomach right now, however love him or hate him, he is the current favourite and his win odds are around the 13/8 mark.

Just keep in mind though, that moving forward there is a very good chance those odds will move in one direction or the other, and there are plenty of other people who could pip him to the post.

Other Conservative MP’s in with a Chance

As for just which Conservative MP’s have any chance whatsoever of beating Boris to Number 10, never underestimate the chance so of people such as Dominic Raab, for he must be a rock-solid bet today given his current odds being 4/1.

You will probably have your own personal opinions on Michael Gove, but even if you cannot stand the man there is no getting away from the fact that he is the current third favourites at odds of 5/1, which do indicate that some people have been backing him to take the keys for Number 10 and be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

There are plenty of other MP’s that at some point soon could throw their hats into the ring, and three of them that are being backed include the likes of Jeremy Hunt who is a current 12/1 shot.

The silent assassin Rory Stewart is next in the betting and I am sure a few punters will fancy his chances despite the fact he is a 16/1 shot and then there is Andrea Leadsom who must have been eyeing up the Prime Minister jobs for quite some time , and her odds are 18/1.