Rugby Union European Champions Cup 2019

The betting markets on the Rugby Union European Champions Cup are very active at the minute, especially at betting sites such as Paddy Power, and by making use of them you can back any team in with a chance of winning and will also be allowed to back the teams that you think will be the finalists too.

As for the odds that you can secure right now with that bookie, well there are two teams that are currently attracting the most support from punters and fans of the sport, with the first one being Leinster who for reference are the current favourite to take the title with win odds of 11/8.

Not far behind them are the Saracens, and I am confident plenty of you out there will be prepared to lay your money down and back them at their current odds of 7/5.

As for the other two teams, well you can back Toulouse to win, see what I did there, at odds of 6/1 and there is value waiting to be secured if you are of the mindset that Munster are still going to pull this tournament out of the bag, for Paddy Power have them chalked up at decent odds of 7/1 to do just that right now.

Bet on the Remaining Matches

Keep in mind that each match that is yet to be played as part of the Rugby Union European Champions Cup will be listed on its own respective betting market at Paddy Power and as such you will find them offering odds on each match scheduled.

The range and types of bets that you can place on those matches will as you would expect be wide and very varied, so do consider taking a look at just what you can bet on if you do fancy taking your chances betting on any of those upcoming matches in this tournament.

Name the Finalists

You can also bet on the two teams that you think are going to be the finalists in the European Champions Cup, and as such let me pass onto you the odds attached to each permutation of those two possible finalists.

You can back Saracens and Leinster as the finalists and by doing so you will be able to secure odds of 8/11, but if you think the finalists will be Saracens and Toulouse then the odds on them being the final two team staking place in the final game the odds on offer to you right now at Paddy Power are 10/3.

As for whether it will be Munster and Leinster that are going to be playing in the final game of this tournament well that is your decision to make of course, however the odd son that being the case are certainly tempting being as they are 7/2.

The odds on Munster and Toulouse being the finalists are interesting, but only if you do think those two outsiders will be in the final game and if you do then the 9/1 odds that Paddy Power are offering punters right now are worth taking for sure!