Russia vs Saudi Arabia Betting Opportunities

This clock is ticking away regarding the first match in the Group Stages of the World Cup finally kicking off, and if like most other avid football fans you are planning on both watching and betting on that match, keep on reading for information that will possibly help you decide where to place your money!

The outright betting market on that first match in the Group Stages is one in which Russia are having the largest volumes of wagers placed on them, so much so that the odds of them winning that match are 4/9, but it is true to say the match could end in a Draw and the odds of it doing so are 16/5.

Saudi Arabia are the underdogs it seems in that match and the highest odds I have come cross on them winning are 8/1, so if you do fancy their chances then try and secure those odds sooner rather than later.

The correct score betting market is one that should attract plenty of punters too, for there are some very appealing odds available on all of the possible scores this match could end in, so read on to find out what they are.

Russia or Saudi Arabia to Win Correct Score

I would much prefer trying to predict the correct score of this match, and that is something that you should try and do too, for that way you are going to get some much better odds, especially if you think that Russia will win.

There are two bets that will be popular with punters the first is for Russia to win this match 1-0 and the odds on that bet are 4/1, but a much more likely outcome is a 2-0 win for them and the odds on that result are currently 9/2.

For much higher odds but much riskier bets there is the 2-1 result at 8/1, the 3-0 result which will return pay-out odds of 17/2, along with the 3-1 result on which you can get odds of 14/1.

You may think that Saudi Arabia could win this match and if they score just one goal and Russia score none the odds on that result are 16/1, which jumps to odds of 40/1 if Saudi Arabia scores two goals and Russia score none!

Bet on the Correct Score Draw

There is one way that you are guaranteed to get some much higher odds if you think that the most likely outcome of this match is going to be a draw, and that will be by you placing a correct score bet on the draw.

If you are of the mind that no teams will score in this match then the odds you can get on a 0-0 draw are high at 15/2, but if you think both teams will score just one goal each then make sure you bet on the 1-1 draw and secure the current odds on that outcome of 7/1!

A few other possible draw outcomes on this match and their associated odds are the 2-2 draw at 25/1, the 3-3 draw on offer at odds of 175/1 or even a 4-4 or 5-5 draw which as some gigantic odds of 500/1 on offer at all leading betting sites!