Russian Grand Prix Driver and Team Betting Markets

There are a couple of betting markets that have caught my eye today on the upcoming Russia Grand Prix and if you are a fan of Formula 1 then there is some value to be had be concentrating your betting efforts over at the BetFred betting site for sure!

What I want to do today is to walk you through the current state of the ante post betting market on the driver and also the team, as there are some interesting bets and associated odds that I am sure are going to appeal to you on those two betting markets at BetFred no matter which driver and team you think is going to come out on top this year.

Let me start off with the most fancied drivers to win and let you know just what odds you can secure on them if you do act quickly and get your bets placed before the off.

It is of course the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton that is attracting to most money currently, and that has resulted in him being the favourite to win the Russia Grand Prix in 2018 and his odds are still fairly decent given his overall chances, and those odds are currently 11/10.

However, the savviest of punters are taking advantage of the odds being offered on the Ferrari driver S. Vettel for he does of course have the natural skills and abilities to win this race and as such his odds do certainly reflect his chance of doing so and they are 11/8!

The other Mercedes driver that could be worth a small speculative punt is V. Bottas and if you do get your skates on you are easily going to be able to secure odds on him winning as high as 8/1, and whilst he will need absolutely everything to fall into palace if he is to worry the first and second favourites, there is always the chance he could do just that and come out on top!

Looking at the other drivers that are going to be lining up and taking their chances in the 2018 Russian Grand Prix I can only see one other driver that has any realistic chance of winning and that is of course the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen, as far as the odds you can secure on him right now they are 9/1 over at the BetFred betting site.

Bigger Odds but No Chance of Winning!

The beauty of betting at BetFred is that they will let you bet on any driver, and the further you look down their current driver betting markets on the Russian Grand Prix you will see some even bigger odds attached to the remaining drivers and they include both of the Red Bull drivers those being M. Verstappen at 20/1 and D. Ricciardo whose odds are currently 33/1.

With odds of 750/1 on the Haas driver R. Grosjean both of the Force India drivers those being E. Ocon and  S. Perez 750/1 and the same odds on the other Haas driver K. Magnussen there is very little chance of any of them crossing the finishing line in first position!

All of the other drivers that are scheduled to take part in the Russian Grand Prix have gigantic odds associated with them, and if you do think any other driver not yet mentioned could win then you will get odds of 1000/1 on each of them!


Race Winner Team Betting Market

If you would like to lower the risks of betting on the Russian Grand Prix this year, then how about placing a wager on which team you think the winning driver is going to be part of?

You will find such a betting market is available to you over at BetFred, and whilst the odds are of course reflective of the drivers in each team winning, it is going to be a betting markets I am sure plenty of you will fancy having a financial interest in,

So with that in mind let me know enlighten you on just what odds you are going to be able to secure on each team, and the favourite is of course Mercedes who are 8/11 but never underestimate the chances of the drivers in the Ferrari and their odds are collectively 10/11!

If you are of the mind that this year it is going to be any of the drivers in the Red Bull team that one of which is going to come out on top and win then the odds you can secure right now are certainly worth taking for those odds are high at 12/1.

It will however be a risky bet and one you have very little chance of winning if you instead of betting any of the teams I have so far mentioned you opt to back any of the other teams, and two that are chalked up at massive odds of 400/1 are Force India and Haas!

In fact, the odds on the winner of this race this year coming from either the Renault team or the Sauber team are even bigger and those odds for reference if you are interested in backing either  team are 500/1.

You could of course place a bet that the winning driver is going to be part of the McLaren team or even the Toro Rosso and if you do place such a bet right now then BetFred will reward you with some rather magnificent odds of 750/1.

You have probably worked out by now that the team that the winning driver is least likely to be part of is Williams, and I do think it would be something of a miracle if the driver was from that tame, and that has to be the view of the odds compilers over at the BetFred betting site for the odds they are offering on the winner being a William driver are huge and those odds are 1000/1!

But do as mentioned above get your skates on for those odds may start to move on any of the above drivers or teams if there is a large volume of cash being placed on them in the next few days!