Ryan Thomas Now the Favourite to Win Celebrity Big Brother 2018

As was to be expected, this year’s house full of so called celebrities have been adopting their own unique strategy to try and be crowned the champion of Celebrity Big Brother 2018, and I am sure that if you have been tuning in each night, you will already have made up your own mind as to just which celebrity you do think is going to win.

The betting market on this TV reality show is a constantly moving one however, for with housemates being evicted and in some cases thrown out of the house for their outrageous behaviour, one contestant that was a favourite to win one minute could be the outsider the next or even be removed from the betting market when they leave or are booted out of the house!

However, there are a handful of those celebrities that are behaving themselves and have been an instant hit with viewers, and one of them is of course Ryan Thomas, and whether he does have a game plan or not there is no getting away from the fact that viewers love him, and it appears punters do too for he has been backed right down to odds of 6/4 to win!

He does however face some very stiff competition for the crown, and that competition comes in the form of Kirstie Alley, and many viewers and punters alike have a sneaking suspicion she is going to be the winner this year and if you think so to you can currently get odds on her winning of 9/4!

For reference the odds I am quoting throughout this best bets of the day guide are those that are available over at the Betfred betting site. Just make sure you do check to see if any of the odds are still available, but there were all on offer at the time of compiling this guide!

Dan Osborne and Roxanne Pallettin with a chance at 10/1

Now you know who the two favourites are to win this year’s Celebrity Big Brother of 2018, you may be of the mind that there is some much better value to be had by betting on some of the other contestants that you do think are in with a great chance of winning.

There are two contestants that are on offer over at the Betfred betting sites at odds of 10/1 and they are Dan Osborne and Roxanne Pallettin, either of whom could be crowned the champion this year. But those odds will start to drop if and when some of the other contestants get booted our evicted out of the house, so keep that in mind and place your bets quickly to secure those 10/1 odds!

Will Ben Jardine Win Celebrity Big Bother?

There are still petty of other so called celebrities that are still in with a chance of winning, and there is a small number of people that think that Ben Jardine could go on to win it this year, and that has forced his odds, due to the number of punters backing him to win to drop slightly down to 12/1.

Whether he does of course go on to win time will surely tell, but there are a couple of other contestants that are available at some fairly generous odds, and they include Nick Leeson and Gabby Allen at 14/1, and I certainly would not put you off betting on either of them!

Could Hardeep Singh Kohli or Chloe Ayling Win?

Try as hard as they may be doing, both Hardeep Singh Kohli and also Chloe Ayling face something of an uphill take to try and win favouritism from the viewing public, and it would appear both of those two celebrities are high up on views lists as the ones they would like to see removed from the house.

As for just what odds you are going to be able to secure on both of them, if you do think their luck and popularity is going to change and they are to go on to win this year’s show, well those odds do appear to represent their realistic chances of winning and are high at 25/1!

Complete Outsiders to Win Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Just as there are going to be favourites to win Celebrity Big Brother, there are also going to be some celebrities in the house that are outsiders to win, and they are of course the ones that seem to get on the nerves of the viewing public.

The two most annoying house mates so far this year appears to be both Jermaine Pennant and also Sally Morgan for both of them are completely friendless in the betting markets, and so little money has been placed on them Betfred have increased their win odds to 50/1!

However, I cannot remember when any contestant taking part in Celebrity Big Brother won that was chalked up at odds of 50/1 at this stage of the show, so if you do fancy backing either of those two contestants then there are risks attached to those bets which are unlikely to pay off!

Consider Laying Odds On Betfair Too!

I would also urge you to consider making use of the betting exchange over at Betfair if you want to start laying your own odds on the contestants that you think are not going to win this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

It isn’t going to take you more than a minute or two to sign up to the Betfair betting exchange and by doing so you can then offer your own set of odds on the housemates you think have no chance of winning, and if other users take your odds you get to keep their stakes if that contestant does lose,

The only downside of course of offering your own set of odds is that you do of course have to pay out the winners to any Betfair betting exchange users if their bets they placed with you win, and pay them out at the odds you offered them in the first place!