Salvaging Some Betting Value on the 3rd Test

Well, things were of course looking good for England for the third test against India not that long ago, however they have made a real mess of things, and as such the current win odds on that test now see England chalked up at huge odds of 12/1, with India looking smug at win odds of 1/12, and the draw for those of you who are interested are 18/1.

The odds I have quoted above are available for a limited amount of time over at the Betfred betting site, so if you are planning a day’s viewing pleasure watching the Third Test you need to hurry up to secure those odds.

However, as India are the odds-on favourite to win, you are going to have to look a bit further afield on some of the other betting markets if you are going to lock in any type of betting value, and as such below I will be giving you an insight into just what else Betfred are going to be letting you bet on.

Innings 3 Runs Upper Line

Betfred are offering a handclap market on the Innings 3 Run Upper Line, and as such that is much more likely to be a betting market worth checking out for there is plenty of value waiting to be mopped up on it.

The Over bet with a handicap of -327.5 is 11/8 and the Under bet with a handicap of +327.5 is on offer at odds of 4/7, and it is the latter bet is the much better valued one looking at the way England are playing currently!

Innings 3 Total Runs Middle Line

The odds on offer on the Betfred Innings 3 Total Runs Middle Line betting markets are much better balanced and as such that may be one to concentrate your cricket betting efforts on today!

As for the handicap and the odds on the two possible bets available on that betting market the Over bet comes with a handicap mark of a huge-304.5 and the odd you can secure on it are 10/11 and a far as the Under bet goes, the handicap mark is +304.5 and the win odds on that bet are attractive, or at least will be to some punters at 5/6!

Innings 3 Total Runs Lower Line

There is of course the chance the you may fancy betting on the Betfred Innings 3 Total Runs Lower Line betting market and if that is something that is of interest to you let me round off this betting news story by giving you an insight into what the handicap and odds are on that betting market.

The Over bet comes with a handicap mark of -284.5 and based on that fact the win odds attached to that particular bet are 8/13, which to be fair is going to be the most likely bet punters will be latching onto if they want any type of value what so ever. However the Under bet has a handicap mark of +284.5 and that bet has win odds of 13/10!