Scottish Football Betting Tips for the 17th of November 2018

Saturday does of course see plenty of football matches being played up in Scotland, and by making use of the betting markets over at Ladbrokes; you really are going to find some outstanding betting opportunities on each of the scheduled matches.

Fortunately the weather forecast for the weekend isn’t too bad, and as such all of those Scottish matches that are planned should be going ahead, and one match I do think is certainly worth a much closer inspection is the Airdrie v East Fife match.

As for the most likely outcome of that match, I think the draw at 9/4 does represent the very best value and as such that is the outcome I will be betting on.

Having said that though, when I switch my attention over to the Ayr v Morton match that will be kicking off at 3pm, that is a match that Ayr should win without too much of a problem, and as for the odds on them winning that match, well Ladbrokes are offering 4/7 on them winning, which in all fairness and looking at the form of both teams, those odds are generous to say the least!

Berwick v Albion

Another team that should win playing at home this Saturday is Berwick, and they will be taking on Alboin, the win odds on that home team at Ladbrokes are 11/10, but if you do not agree and fancy backing the draw or the away team to win the odds on those two betting opportunities are 23/10 and 21/10 respective.

Also, keep in mind that when betting at Ladbrokes you are going to be able to bet on all manner of other things happening in that match and you can of course also bet on what you think the correct final score will be, you can also bet on an over/under total goals betting market and also bet on what you think will be the result and half and full time too.

Arbroath and Alloa Should Win

When you come across such high odds that are being offered at betting sites such as Ladbrokes you will often be attempted to place an Acca bet, and if that is something you do fancy doing then one match to have included on such a bet is the Brechin v Arbroath match.

It should be Arbroath that take that match in their stride, and as for the odds on the outright winner betting market at Ladbrokes they are offering 3/1 on Brechin winning, 5/2 on the draw and you can get odds of 3/4 on Arbroath winning that match too.

One other match that you should have included on your Acca bet is the Edinburgh City v Alloa match, I for one am not tempted by either the odds on Edinburgh City to win that match which are9/4 nor am I tempted to back the draw either at odds of 23/10.

The safest bet on that match will be for Alloa to win it, for they do have the skill and talent in their team to take that match and the odds you will be able to get on them winning over at the Ladbrokes betting site are even money, so make sure you do take those odds if you fancy the chances of Alloa!

Elgin v Clyde

One match that you may actually overlook is the one between Elgin and Clyde, however as with each of the matches listed up above, Ladbrokes are offering you some very fair odds on all three possible outcomes of that match, so it may be another one to include in any Acca bets you are planning on placing this coming weekend.

If you do fancy placing a bet on that match then you can back Elgin to win at odds of 21/10, as for the odds on the draw they are 9/4, but it would appear the team that is expected to win that match is Clyde and their win odds of 23/20 do give you a good overview of their winning chances this Saturday in that match for sure!

Other Scottish Matches This Weekend

It will be your decision as to which if any of the weekends Scottish football matches you may or may not fancy betting on, and with that in mind allow me to give you an insight into what other matches are scheduled and what odds are available at Ladbrokes.

In the Falkirk v Partick match, you can get the exact same odds of 21/10 on a home team win or the draw, and that is due to the fact that Partick are expected to win that match with great ease, and the odd you can bag on them doing so are generous being as they are currently 5/4 at Ladbrokes!

As far as the most likely outcome of the Forfar v Dumbarton match, well you have to say the match could go either way, but the odds on both teams are certainly interesting, in fact you can back wither the home or away team to win at odds of 6/4, and for reference the draw is available at decent odds too those odds being 9/4.

Another match that will take come working out for sure is the one between Montrose and Stranraer, I will leave it to you which team you do fancy backing or whether you think the match will end in a draw, suffice to say though the odds on Montrose are 13/10, the draw odds are currently 11/5 and as for the chances of Stranraer, they are 9/5.

In the QOS v Inverness CT match the home team look like they have their best chance in a while to win at home for their odds of doing so in that match are 29/20, the draw is chalked up at easy to back odds of 21/10 and Inverness CT they are a 9/5 shot to win that match, is I would back QOS as they are the most likely winner of that match, all things considered.