Sedgefield Racecourse Stats

It is up on Racecourse Rd, Sedgefield, Stockton-on-Tees TS21 2HW that you are going to find the Sedgefield racecourse and this is another one that has been around for years, and I would best describe it as a bread and butter racecourse.

Whilst it isn’t by any stretch of the imagination a racecourse that you are going to find enormous crowds on race days, if you are a fan of National Hunt racing then it is one worth paying  visit to if you are ever nearby on race days.

Owned by the Arena Racing Company, the course itself can be a very tricky one to master riding around, and therefore there can often be some surprise results.

But do always double check to see if any race meetings are going ahead and not abandoned when the weather has taken a turn for the worse, for much like many other National Hunt courses some meetings d o get cancelled during winter due to the weather!

Sedgefield Racecourse

Sitting at home picking out horses you think are going to win and then watching the races being run on TV is something you may be interested in doing, and if so then it is the At the Races television channel you will need to subscribe to if you want to watch the races at Sedgefield!

Top Jockeys at Sedgefield Racecourse

James Bowen and Dale Irving ate two of the top jockey at this course, but there are a few others than can always be relied on to ride their horses well and they are Jonathan England, Danny Cook and Brian Hughes.

Sedgefield Racecourse Top Trainers

Maurice Barnes               is a trainer in-form at Sedgefield along with Tim Easterby, Sam England, Peter Bowen and Colin Tizzard and between the five of them they have won more races at those course than any other trainers have!

Where to Bet on Sedgefield Races

It will be betting sites such as Betway that I would point your towards, if you want to have a completely hassle free and also an enjoyable betting experience when betting on horses running at the Sedgefield racecourse.

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Course Specialists at Sedgefield

Five horses that have gained the reputation of being the best horses to run at this racecourse are Curious Carlos, Master Debonair, Autumn Surprise, Jamacho and My Renaissance and they are the current course specialists by the way!

Sedgefield Top Owners

Sedgefield does attract plenty of owners who all have an eye on the prize money offered on each race, but it is the likes of Carl Pyne, Sprayclad UK, Trevor Hemmings, Lynne Pearson, Diane Mulcahy & Partners and The Wizards who are the most successful owners at this racecourse!