Shanghai Masters Upcoming Matches

There are matches being played out both today and tomorrow in the Shanghai Masters Snooker tournament, however if you fancy having a bet on the next match being played today, then due to the time differences you are going to have to act quickly, for that match is starting bright and early in the UK at 8:30am!

That match is between Kyren Wilson and Liang Wenbo, and the volume of cash being placed on Wilson, does appear to be so large that he is expected to win that match, and if he doesn’t then a lot of punters will be licking their wounds.

Most if not all of our featured online and mobile betting sites are going to be offering you odds on that match and the ones that are scheduled to take place tomorrow too, and one site that did catch my eye with their odds was Bruce Betting.

That betting sites are still offering 4/9 on Wilson winning that match, and as such if you haven’t yet bet on him and you fancy doing so make sure you get on over to their betting site and mop up those odds as they will not be around forever! As for the odds on Wenbo they are 8/5 which is fair, all things considered!

Luca Brecel v Zhou Yuelong

If you are more interested in betting on some of the other matches that are being played as part of the Shanghai Masters Tournament today, then one match that does catch the eye is the one between Luca Brecel v Zhou Yuelong

That could be a much tighter match to predict the result of for there is no doubting the skills and abilities of both players, however Bruce Betting are once again offers some fair odds on both players and you can currently bag odds of 8/13 on Brecel winning that match and if you do fancy the chances of Yuelong then his win odds are 6/5!

Other Shanghai Matches

There Neil Robertson v Guo Hua match will be in play later today but the odds on Robertson winning hat match are so low at 1/250 I doubt anybody will be backing him to win, however his opponents odds are certainly here the value lays as they are 20/1!

You can also bet on the Mark Allen v Xiao Guodong match that will be in play later today and the Bruce Betting sites odds compilers have attached odds to Allen of 8/15 and have decided that Guodong odds are worthy of being  13/10!

On Tuesday the 11th September is when the Anthony McGill v Yan Bingtao match will be starting, and as far as the odds go you are going to be able to back McGill at odds of 6/5 if you think he is going to be the most likely winner of that match, however it would appear that the smart money for that match is going on Bingtao for his odds are more than generous at Bruce Betting at 8/13.