Sheffield Shield Winner Betting

There may only be six cricket teams playing for the Sheffield Shield, but on the futures betting markets such as the one that is now live over at the Coral betting site, at this early stage of that competition you are going to find some appealing odds, no matter which team you fancy to win it.

Therefore allow me to give you my own personal thoughts on the chances of each of those six cricket teams, and also give you some idea as to just what odds you are going to be able to secure on each team if you are prepared to bet on them to win the Sheffield Shield right now.

The team that most punters fancy to win is Victoria and they do have a very good chance of winning to be fair going on their most recent form, and as for just what odds you can secure on them, well the volume of money has forced their odds down to 6/4 and everything considered they are very fair odds.

The team that I do personally feel have a great chance of winning the Sheffield Shield is Western Australia and they are on offer at some very appealing odds it does have to be said if you are prepared to back them right now, and those odds at the Coral betting site are 3/1.

Mid Priced Teams to Win

As for the teams that have a reasonable chance of winning but are not the current favourite or second favourites to do so, there are two of them that fit that criteria the first of which is New South Wales and they are a reasonable 4/1 shot it does have to be said.

Queensland is the second team that if everything does fall into place during their Sheffield Shield matches have a fair chance of winning that competition and their odds are slightly more generous than those of the above team at 5/1!

Outsiders to Win the Sheffield Shield

The four cricket teams listed above are the ones that are much more likely to win this competition than the other two teams, but if you do fancy backing either of the final two teams competing in the Sheffield Shield there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

The first team that is available at odds of 9/1 is Tasmania and they are going to have to massively improve their performance on the cricket pitch if they are going to worry any of the above teams.

The rank outsiders to win the Sheffield Shield in South Australia and whilst some of you out there may just be tempted to male use of the huge 20/1 odds attached to them keep in mind those odds are only that high for a reason, and that reason being they have very little chance of winning!

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