Singapore Grand Prix Outright Winner Betting

The Singapore Grand Prix is of course the next major motorsport event on the racing calendar, and now is a good time for you to start planning your betting activities on that race.

As you may be aware it is our featured sports betting site Bruce Betting that are usually one of the first sites to make live their early betting markets on all motorsports events, and they are also famed for their generous odds and also their sign up bonus too.

With that in mind if you do fancy having a flutter on any of the drivers listed below, all of whom are scheduled to race in the Singapore Grand Prix then you will be much better off becoming a customer of that betting site, as those generous odds coupled with their welcome offer, will ensure you always get the best betting value.

I should also point out that as well as you being able to place a bet on the driver you think will win this race outright, if you prefer you an instead choose to place an each-way bet at Brice Betting.

But doing so they will be paying you out the full win odds on the win part of any each-way bets you place if you chosen driver wins, but also at one third of the win odds if your chosen drive comes first or second on the other half of an each-way bet, so they do have some very fair each-way terms for sure!

Most Likely Winners of the Singapore Grand Prix

It does look more than likely that Sebastian Vettel is going to win the Singapore Grand Prix, for the sheer number of punters that have been backing him to do so have massively reduced down in value his win odds.

So even though you have missed out on being able to bag some much higher odds than what they are now, due to most punters being convinced he is going to win this race and win it with great each the current odds of 6/5 that Bruce Betting are offering on him do look fair and some would say generous too.

But if you do fancy backing him at those odds you are going to have to act quickly, for any additional large volumes of bets placed on him will more than likely see those odds dropping in value.

As for the second favourite drives to win this race, well it probably will not surprise you to learn that is it Lewis Hamilton who is that second favourite, and whether you admire his driving or not he does have one of the best chances of winning this race.

Whether you do think his current odds are generous or not, they are available right now at 10/3, and if there are two drivers that are much more likely to come first and second in this race it is both Vettel and Hamilton.

Drivers Who Will Cash-In on any Driving Errors

Make no mistake about it, if either Vettel or Hamilton makes any driving errors as they are whizzing around the Singapore Grand Prix circuit, there are plenty of other drivers who will be well able to cash-in from those mistakes.

As such and with that in mind allow me to now take a look at the next set of drivers who are listed up near the top of the Bruce Betting early prices betting market on this race, as you may find there is some much better value to be had by backing any of the following drivers to win this event.

Max Verstappen at 15/4 is the current third favourite, and I do know plenty of you out there will have high pencilled in as a contender to win this race, but whether he does so does of course remain to be seen, but those odds are going to tempt plenty of punters to back him, of that I am confident.

The next driver that may just come out on top in the Singapore Grand Prix and one that I would never put you off backing is Daniel Ricciardo, and if you do fancy his chances of winning then now is a great time to secure the current odds of 5/1 that Bruce Betting have up for grabs.

Kimi Raikkonen at 8/1 along with Valtteri Bottas at 14/1 do look fair and reasonable bets, as to whether either of them will win this race and have what it takes to win this race, well we will have to wait and see.

However, do keep in mind that you are going to be able o back them both or any other drivers you do fancy the chances of each-way, so even if they do not come first but come second you are still going to get a third of the win odds!

All Other Drivers Are at Least 500/1 to Win!

The drivers that I have mentioned up above are the ones that the bookies think are going to be in the mix up, and as all other drivers are chalked up at odds of at least 500/1 it does look unlikely any of them are going o win or come second.

The 500/1 shots for the record are currently  Pierre Gasly, Nico Hulkenberg, Esteban Ocon, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz Junior and Sergio Perez.

A couple of drivers are on offer at odds of 750/1 so they have in the minds of most bookies odds compilers, even lesser chance of winning the Singapore Grand Prix than all of those named up above and those two drivers are Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen at 750/1

There are six other drivers that all being well will be taking their chances around the track in Singapore, and those drivers are Lance Stroll, Brendon Hartley, Charles Leclerc, Marcus Ericsson, Stoffel Vandoorne and Sergey Sirotkin and if you do think for whatever reason that any of them are going to win you can back them quite easily at Bruce Betting at odds of 1000/1!