Six Places Paid on the Made In Denmark Golf Tournament

You can get paid out to six places on the Made in Denmark Golf tournament on all each-way bets when placing such bets at either BoyleSports or Betfred, and as such those should be the sportsbooks you do visit to take advantage of that enhanced betting promotion.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of golfers taking part in that golf tournament, and any of them could of course win or get placed at least!

To help you try and make sense of which are the best bets of the day on that tournament, I shall be giving you a few pointers as to just which golfers are stirring up the most interest in the early prices at both of those two betting sites!

The percentage of the win odds on the place part on any each-way bet you will be paid when placing your bets at Betfred or BoyleSports is one fifth of the outright winner odds, and as you will soon discover you could get some fair results in your chosen golfer or golfers do get placed!

The current stand out favourite to win the Made in Denmark golf tournament is of course Thorbjorn Olesen, and you do have to admit his chances of winning are good and you will also have to admit the odds being offered with are currently 15/2 are very attractive too!

Thomas Pieters and Eddie Pepperell

If you take the current favourite to win out of the equation, and there could of course be many reasons why he doesn’t play up to his current form, then there are two golfers that I just know are going to be worth backing and could quite easily go on to win this tournament.

The first is Thomas Pieters and he is currently the second favourite at odds of 12/1, and backing him each way if he does get placed will see you getting paid out at a fifth of his win odds, and it is difficult to see him not getting placed!

Another golfer who should be in the mix up is Eddie Pepperell and many fans of the sport do like his playing style and it wouldn’t surprise anybody if he did manage to get placed if not win this tournament and by backing him right now you can take advantage of the 16/1 odds that are available at sites like BetFred.

He is not alone however in being chalked up at odds of 16/1 for there is another golfer that you may just fancy the chances of who can also be backed at odds of 16/1 and that is Matthew Fitzpatrick who may be something of a dark horse in this tournament and one worth keeping your eyes on.

As for one other golfer that is much more likely to fill one of the top six positions on the leader board at the end of this tournament, that honour goes to Lucas Bjerregaard, he hasn’t been attracting much support as yet on the betting markets and as such there is certainly plenty of value to be had by backing him at his current win odds of 28/1!

Bigger Odds More Risk

It is very true and fair to say that this year’s Made in Denmark golf tournament is a truly open affair, and any of the golfers are in with a chance of winning or at least getting placed, for if any of them do find their very best form they could storm into the lead and stay there so to speak.

With that in mind I would certainly not put you off betting one some of the golfers that do have some much bigger and much more appealing odds attached and associated with them and one that does spring to mind is Erik van Rooyen at 30/1.

In fact, there is also a case to be made for the likes of Matthew Southgate, Danny Willett, Matt Wallace, Dean Burmester and also Lee Westwood and there is plenty of value waiting to be mopped up on the early betting markets over at BetFred for they have each of those golfers chalked up at odds of 33/1!

You may fancy the chances of golfer such as Joakim Lagergren at 35/1, or any of the 40/1 chances too and for reference they include Richard Sterne, Robert Rock, Martin Kaymer and Thomas Detry and you could also through into the mix Soren Kjeldsen too who is currently on offer at odds of 45/1.

Just keep in mind though that the higher the odds attached on any golfer the more chance they have of not getting placed or even of winning his event, but it is not unheard of for a golfer with huge odds to at least make it through to one of the top positions, and that is what could happen this year of course!

A Few Outsiders to Consider

If you are prepared to place a few risky bets here and there on this golf tournament then it may pay dividends for you to keep the faith in golfers such as Adrian Otaegui, Lee Slattery, Lucas Herbert, Marcus Kinhult or possible even Joachim B. Hansen for by backing any of them you are going to get offered odds right now of a generous 50/1!

A couple of 60/1 chances that it would be foolish to write off are Tom Lewis and Matthias Schwab, and golfers such as Sam Horsfield, David Horsey, Jordan Smith and Gaganjeet Bhullar are fairly friendless n the betting markets right now.

But that does of course mean there are some rather tempting odds available on each of them and those odds are 66/1, so it could be including any of them in any each-way bets that you do fancy placing today on the Made in Denmark golf tournament.

All other golfers are available at odds of at least 75/1, but many of them are on offer at much higher odds than that, but I wouldn’t pin my hopes on any of them winning however!