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Slots in New Zealand

The Art of Playing Slots in New Zealand

Casino games and Slot machines in particular are extremely popular down New Zealand way. Almost all of the adult population play or have played them at some point in their lives. Slots or Pokies as they are known in New Zealand are one of the biggest attractions at most online Casinos.

Now, being games of chance, there is never any knowing when a pokie is about to pay-out, nor is there any knowing whether one of the many different bonus games and/or bonus features will be triggered on such slot machines either.

New Zealand SlotsHowever, there are plenty of pokie machine playing tips that you may be interested to learn about, that if nothing else may just increase the amount of play time you will get, and if everything goes your way when playing you may end up being awarded with a huge valued winning pay-out too.

With that in mind, I will give you an insight into the top pokie playing tips below, and explain in detail why they should be ones that you adopt, if you do ever set about playing pokies in New Zealand, or for that matter anywhere else in the world.

Just be aware though that you should only ever get stuck into playing slot and pokie games with money that you can afford to lose, as more than likely you will end up losing.

Average RTP’s of Pokie Machines in New Zealand

The RTP which simply means return to player, is a percentage of players stakes that any pokie machine is going to return to players as winning pay-outs over their long-term play.

The pay-out percentages of online and mobile pokies are often displayed on the pay table, help files or even on the website of the casino you are playing at, and as such savvy slot players will be eager to look up that information.

Most pokies in New Zealand and in other parts of the world too will have been designed in such a way that they will return 94% to 96% of player stakes over the long term, so the ones that you should be tracking down and playing are those which boast higher pay-out percentages than 96%.

The higher the RTP the better, for over your long term play you will trigger more bonus games and/or will achieve many more winning spins than you ever would playing pokies which have been set with a much lower RTP, so you will be able to recycle your winnings and get more play time.

Tips for Playing Pokie Machines

The most obvious tip for playing pokie machines is, as mentioned above, for you to take the time and effort looking out for slots offering RTP’s higher than 96%, however there are some other playing tips I can pass onto you, such as the ones highlighted below.

Best Strategy for Using Pokie Bonus Credits

When you sign up to an online or mobile casino site that offers plenty of pokie games, you are going to be given access to all sorts of incentives for signing up to such sites.

Deposit match bonuses are the most commonly offered promotional offers such sites have available, however whilst some of them could see you massively boosting the value of your bankroll when claiming such pokie bonuses, there are risks attached to making use of them.

The best valued bonuses players can make use of are those that have no maximum cash-out or pay-out limits, and the ones that have the lowest play through requirements too, as the sky is the limit as to how much you can win with such bonuses, and with low play through requirements there is always the chance you will find yourself in a  position of being able to make a withdrawal if you do manage to get when playing, a series of high value winning pay-outs.

Tips for Playing Hit-By Progressive Pokies

One type of pokie game that you may find yourself being instantly attracted to playing will be those that offer an ever-rising progressive jackpot.

However, there is only ever going to be a tiny chance of you winning a progressive jackpot when playing a pokie machine that has one of offer, but there is a way of increasing your chances of winning one of them.

That will be for you to track down the machines that have progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be won before they reach a certain value. The tip for playing those types of pokies is for you to carefully hunt around for the ones that are not far off their guaranteed hit amount.

You are going to have a much greater chance of winning a guaranteed hit by jackpot when it is only a few dollars off its guaranteed hit amount, than you ever would when playing a pokie which is nowhere near that guaranteed hit amount!

High Risk High Reward Pokie Playing Tip

If you are prepared to take a few additional risks when playing pokie machines, in the hope you could achieve a hand pay, then there is one final tip I want to pay on to you, but only if you are prepared to take those extra risks.

That is to play optional pay-line slots, but only put into play a small number of the pay-lines such slots have on offer and put into place much higher stakes on each of the pay-lines you do choose to activate.

Take for example a 20 pay-line slot, obviously you could choose to play every single pay-line and play such slots for pennies, and most pokies designed as 20 line slots will let you play for maximum stakes of 2.00, 4.00 or even higher stake amounts.

20 line slot or Pokies

By only putting into place three or five lines on such slots and then playing much higher stakes on the few pay-lines you do activate, you are always going to have the chance of spinning in some much higher valued winning pay-outs.

Look out for those pokies that offer a pick to win style bonus games which are triggered by spinning in from left to right on activated pay-lines three or more bonus symbols, for it will be on those slot you could win some huge amounts of cash when you do finally trigger those picking games when playing with lower lines activated with much higher stakes.