Smart Money Bets on the FA Cup 2019-2020

With more than enough football betting opportunities available to you right now, you may be struggling to work out just which ones to make use of, however there is no doubt in my mind that plenty of punters are currently thinking about placing a bet on the FA Cup outright betting markets right now.

It will of course all be dependent on just which bookies you choose to place such a bet with, as to whether you are going to be offered decent odds or not, so what I have done below in today’s betting news story is to list the best odds I have so far come across being offered on the easy FA Cup 2019-2020 betting markets, so at least you will have some ideas as to the very best odds available on a range of different teams.

I also do need to point out that you are not only going  to have the chance of picking out any team and backing them to win the FA Cup outright, for most if not all bookies and betting shops will also let you place a two part each-way bet on any team too.

If you have never placed an each-way bet before they are simply a two part bet and the first half of that bet is a win bet on the team you name and you are paid out at full odds if that team does win the FA Cup, the other part of the bet covers that team finishing first or second and that bet pays out at half of the outright winner odds if successful.

Take the 10/3 Odds on Manchester City

I do know that when it comes to the one team that is being backed early, that being Manchester City, there will be punters all over the world that will want to secure the very highest possible odds on that team winning the FA Cup, and as such the very highest odds I have so far stumbled across this morning on them doing just that are Man City 10/3.

There is of course a second favourite on the early betting markets, and that team to be fair does have a great chance of doing well in the FA Cup competition this year and if you haven’t yet worked out just which team it is, well it is Liverpool and -plenty of bookies have them chalked up at vary fair odds right now of 6/1.

Much Bigger Odds on All Other Teams

The odds will start to get much higher in value if you fancy backing any other teams such as Chelsea, Tottenham and Man Utd who are 9/1.

Then the odds then jump into double-digits if you are prepared to lay your money down on teams such as Arsenal who are 10/1 or on either Wolves and Everton who are currently trading at been higher odds of 16/1 and three other teams you may just fancy backing are Leicester at 25/1, West Ham at 28/1 and Newcastle at 33/1, but whether any of them will win the FA Cup this season, well that remains to be seen of course.