Smart Money Premier League Bets This Week

There are quite a number of standout betting opportunities this week in the Premier League and with that in mind I would like to point out just which teams, and the generally available betting odds you are going to be able to secure on each of those teams winning their matches.

I have already placed a bet on the Norwich City v Watford match, and it is Norwich City that I fancy to win that match and the odds I have been able to secure and there is no doubt in mind that you will also find on offer online on them winning that match are 13/8.

The Burnley v West Ham match should go the way of a Burnley win and they are 13/10 to win that match, and in the Chelsea v Crystal Palace it is impossible to look any further than a win for Chelsea who are the 1/3 favourite to in that match.

I also think that all things consider in the Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield United it shouldn’t be beyond the realms of probabilities for Tottenham Hotspur to come out on top and win that match and if you like me think they will you can bag odds on them winning of 8/13.

Back Southampton To Win This Week

In the Southampton v Everton match I have a sneaking suspicion that the home team advantage is going to see Southampton winning that match, and there are certainly some decent odds currently being offered by many bookies’ sites and betting apps on them winning that match.

As for what are the best odds available, well I have seen more than enough bookies offering odds on them winning that match of 29/20 which if they do win should help boost the value of your winning pay-out on any acca bets you have them included on, if they do win that match of course.

Place and Lay Bets at Betfair

As there are several Premier League teams that are not expected to win this week, then you may fancy taking bets off other punters, and to be able to do that quickly and easily you will need to sign up to a betting exchange.

By far and away the very best betting exchange is of course Betfair, and the minuet you sign up you can then set your own odds on any team to win a match, and if that team loses and another user of that betting change takes the odds you are offering them then you can keep their stake money, less a small commission.

Betfair is also famed for having the best possible odds on most football teams to win their respective matches too, for you are going to be betting with other users of that site, and they will be eager to get you to place your best with them, and as such will always be offering you much higher odds than are generally available at most books sites and bookies apps.