Spanish Cup 2018/19 Winner Betting

The Spanish Cup can of course be won by any football team taking part in that tournament; however there is one team that is expected to win it during the 2018/19 season and that team is Barcelona.

You may however have your own ideas as to just which team will come out on top this season, and if so and you do also backing your thoughts with cold hard cash, it will certainly pay dividends for you to head on over to NetBet, for they are offering some generous odds on their Spanish Cup betting market currently.

If you are of the mind like most other fans of the sport are, that it is going to be Barcelona who will lift the cup at the end of the season then you can secure odds right now of 5/4 on them doing so, however the second favourite team to do so that are also attracting a fair bit of support is Real Madrid at 33/20!

Some other teams that do appear to have a much greater chance of winning when compared to most other include teams such as Atletico Madrid who can be backed at 27/4, Valencia who are sure to attract a fair bit of support at 15/1 and possibly Sevilla who will sure have enough fans s willing to support them at 20/1!

Could Valencia or Real Betis Win?

I doubt any of the other teams I have yet to mention that will be playing for the Spanish Cup have any realistic chance of winning, but as always, if you are prepared to take a few risks on any of them doing so the rewards via huge odds will be on offer to you.

Take for example Villarreal you will have no difficulties being able to back them to any amount at NetBet at their odds of 32/1 but another team that could surprise everybody and win is Real Betis and their win odds are 33/1!

Complete and Rank Outsiders

It will take a very loyal fan of any of the remaining teams to have a bet on them winning the Spanish Cup, but when there are huge odds on offer on their favourite team, many fans are going to be tempted to place a bet on them and live in hope they do win!

With that in mind allow me to rattle through a few of the other teams that could be worth a punt, but just remember the odds on the following teams are as high as they are as they have very little chance of winning!

You can back Getafe at 48/1, and both Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao are up for grabs at odds of 50/1, if you fancy the chances of Eibar they are 63/1 to win the Spanish Cup and you may fancy a punt on Celta de Vigo who are rather friendless in this betting markets at odds of 64/1, and there may be a chance you are willing to back Espanyol especially when you learn their win odds are huge at 66/1!