Sri Lanka v England Test Series Betting

The very next Test Series that will be in play is of course Sri Lanka v England, and all you avid fans of cricket who also enjoy putting your money where your mouth is so to speak will be very eager to have a few speculative bets on the outcomes you think are most likely.

Therefore today I am going to be looking at some of the many different betting opportunities that are available right now if you are planning on watching that Test Series, but are thinking of having a few bets here and there.

Let me start with the Series Winner betting market, as that is the one that most people do tend to bet on, keep in mind that the following odds are going to vary in size and value depending on just which betting site you choose to place your bets at.

However, I will be using the odds  that are currently available over at BetFred, for they never mess about when it comes to giving their customers a tad more value and their odds compilers and never afraid of offering slightly better odds than those of their competitors!

As far as who is the team that should take all the beating in this Test Series, well it does appear that England are the team most punters are backing, and if you do fancy their chances you are not going to be showered with huge odds, in far the best odd you can get on them right now are 1/3!

The Series could end up being drawn, and whilst that is a betting option often overlooked by most punters it will be on offer to you at sites such as BetFred who are going 4/1 on the draw.

If you think that Sri Lanka are going to win the series, and to be fair you are in a tiny majority of punters that do think they will win, then the odds you should be mopping up like there is no tomorrow are 13/2, but just keep in mind those odds are that high for a reason and that reason being they have very little chance of winning!

Predict the Sri Lanka v England Test Series Score

Another bet you could be interested in placing on this Test Series is one in which you simply have to predict the correct score of the series, which whilst I say simply, is a little harder than you may have first imagined, as there are a number of possible correct scores of course.

As far as the most likely score of that Test Series, is a win for England with a final Series score of 2-1 and if you find that betting proposition of interest then you can back it right now at BetFred at odds of 11/4.

The other possible and much more likely outcome of the Series is a win for England with a score of 2-0 and once again there are some fairly decent odds on offer, and those odds currently are 3/1.

You may however be of the mind that England will win and win big with a score of 3-0 and if you are of the mindset that will be the score you will be tempted to back them at odds of 7/2 to do just that!

As for the odds that are on offer on a 1-1 draw those odds are 4/1, but for all of you Sri Lanka fans out there wanting to back them to win the Series but with a range of different scores then one interesting bet is for Sri Lanka to win with a score line of 2-1 at 13/2.

You can also back England to win with a score of 1-0 at odds of a high 11/1, and do take a look over the BetFred website for even more live cricket betting opportunities.

Cricket Betting Markets at BetFred and Betfair

Two betting site that I can recommend if you are a fan of cricket and Want to ensure that you are always going to have the maximum betting opportunities on any upcoming cricket matches are BetFred and Betfair

With regards to BetFred it is going to be the enhanced odds and consolation betting offers that are bound to attract you to give their betting site and betting app a try and will keep you loyal to that site too.

They do however offering all of their customers no end of betting opportunities on all cricket matches, not only before any matches start but also as they are in play too, so keep that in mind the next time you fancy placing such a bet.

Now, as far as just what Betfair are going to be offering you when you make use of their betting exchange, well they do allow you to place bets and often at much higher odds than standard bookies are offering, however they will also allow you to lay all manner of unique and novel type bets in addition to all of the standard cricket bets as one of their customers.

Therefore if you want to take bets off other punters and act as a bookies yourself, then that is what you are going to be able to do on their betting exchange, you just have to choose the type of cricket betting opportunities you want to offer other users, decide on the odd you wish to offer, set your own liabilities and bingo, you become a bookie!

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