St Helens Worth a Bet to win the Challenge Cup

Each-way punters could be interested in placing a bet on the team that they thing is going to win the Rugby Challenge Cup this year, for with half of the win odds being paid out to two places in that competition, there are some interesting betting propositions available on the early betting markets.

In fact, one team that has been chalked up as the favourite to win for quite some time now is St Helens and it won’t prove too difficult for you to find a bookie that is offering odds are high as 5/2, and with some hunting around you may find odds of 11/4 still available.

The second favourite team to win the Challenge Cup are Warrington and being the 7/2 second favourite those odds are there for the taking an in my opinion they are rather generous odds too, that are likely to drop as soon as the next few matches are played.

The odds available on Castleford do give you a good insight into just what the odds compilers at many betting sites rate that team’s chances for they are an 8/1 shot, and the Catalan Dragons have been attracting a little bit of support at their current odds of 9/1.

Three Interesting 10/1 Shots

Three teams have been trading at odds of 10/1 for quite some time now, and they are Wigan, Leeds and Hull FC, but they are all going to be up against it this season and are going to need some improvement on their collective form moving forward is they are to worry any of the above named teams.

Wakefield are the only other team that has been attracting any type of support from punters on the early betting markets, and their odds are around the 12/1, but they could increase moving forward subject to just what form that team proves to have.

Betfair is the Place to Back Any Other Team

I will now enlighten you on the average odds being offered on each of the other teams in the Challenge Cup however you are certainly going to get some much better odds than the bookies offers when you bet on any of the following teams at Betfair.

Therefore, take a note of the odds the bookies are offering on each of the lesser fancied teams and then set about ensuring you bag odds that are higher than those. Salford are a 25/1 shot so try and get higher odds than those if you fancy their chances, and Huddersfield and Hull KR are both 33/1 shots.

Halifax are trading at huge odds of 150/1 but believe me when I tell you there will be plenty of layers on Betfair offering much higher odds then those, and Widnes are a 200/1, Bradford are 300/1 and you can get odds of 500/1 on Dewsbury.

There is one other team I haven’t yet mentioned that being Doncaster and as for the odds they have attached to them those odds are 1000/1, so do try and get even higher odds on Betfair.