Stanley Cup 2019 Outright Winner Betting

December is of course the month when most punters will start to turn their attention to placing some long term bets, on sports categories they have some insight into.

If you are currently looking at the NHL and are trying to work out just which hockey team is going to win the Stanley Cup in 2019, then I would advise you to make use of the futures betting markets on offer at sites like BetFred.

I say that for having spent hours this morning looking up the Stanley Cup 2019 futures betting markets at a range of different betting sites, BetFred does appear to be offering the best odds currently, and at the end of the day it is the odds you can secure when betting long term that will ensure, if they are high enough, you will get the maximum winning payouts on your winning bets.

Currently BetFred have two teams chalked up and listed as the favourites to win the Stanley Cup next year, and for reference those two teams are Tampa Bay Lightning and the Toronto Maple Leafs at, the odds they are offering on either team are tempting to say they least as those odds are 9/2!

Thanks to the low to high staking limits and high cash out limits in place at BetFred, that does of course mean you can place any value of bet with them, and they are never going to be afraid of laying your bets instantly.

There is another team that does appear to have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning the Stanley Cup in 2019 and that team is the Nashville Predators, and with odds of 6/1 on offer on them doing so if you fancy their chances of winning then make sure you place your bet sooner rather than later.

As this futures betting market is currently live at BetFred, be aware that the odds are subject to change at any time, it will be the volume of cash placed on any teams that could affect the value of their odds, and as the games are being played off in the NHL the teams that are winner their matches could of course see their outright winner odds dropping too.

Outsider to Win the Stanley Cup in 2019

It is very true to say that most punters that have a favourite NHL team are going to remain loyal to that team through thick and thin so to speak, and as such whilst I certainly wouldn’t ever put you off backing the NHL team you support, just keep in mind that the higher their odds of winning the Stanley Cup are, the lower their chances of winning it will actually be!

With that in mind I will now enlighten you as to which of the remainder of the NHL teams are on offer with some much higher odds attached and on offer on them at betting sites such as BetFred, and the following teams are in order, the outsiders to win the Stanley Cup next year.

The Winnipeg Jets at 14/1 is a fair bet if you are an avid support of that NHL team, and the odds you can currently secure on the Washington Capitals and the Colorado Avalanche are the same at 16/1.

If you think that next year will be the turn of the Calgary Flames to take home the Stanley Cup then you will probably be very eager to back them right now at odds of 18/1 and the exact same odds for reference are also currently available on the Columbus Blue Jackets too.

Two 20/1 shots that are sure to attract some support from their loyal fans are the Buffalo Sabres and the Boston Bruins at 20/1, but looking at the teams that are above them in the futures betting market on this event there are plenty of other teams that do actually have a much better chance of winning the title and cup next year.

I do know and am more than aware that most punters when betting on the futures markets are going to be placing a handful of bets on the teams they think have a fair chance of being crowned champions, and as such you may fancy backing more than one team in the hope that at least one of their chosen teams does go on to win.

If that is the case then there are four teams that are on offer at odds of 25/1 that may be worth something of a speculative long term bet on this futures betting market and those four teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Minnesota Wild, the Dallas Stars and also the San Jose Sharks too.

The risks are high if you are of the mindset that it will be either the Vegas Golden Knights the Edmonton Oilers or the Anaheim Ducks that will be the top NHL team next year as they are all 33/1 shots and the New York Islanders are outsiders to win the Stanley Cup too and their outright winner odds are even higher at 40/1!

It would appear that the Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes and the Arizona Coyotes are unlikely to be crowned champions next year as their odds are all 50/1, and the same could be said of the New York Rangers who are 66/1.

Four teams are currently 80/1 shots and therefore have very little chance of winning the Stanley Cup next year and those teams for reference are the St Louis Blues the Philadelphia Flyers, the Florida Panthers and also the Vancouver Canucks, You can also back the New Jersey Devils at 100/1 and the Chicago Blackhawks at 125/1 too.

There are three other teams that are playing in the NHL and those teams are the Detroit Red Wings the Ottawa Senators and of course the Los Angeles Kings, however all three of them are the current rank outsiders to win the Stanley Cup in 2019 and their odds of doing so are therefore massive at 150/1!