Straight Forecast Bets

This guide is going to show you just how easy it is to place a type of bet known as a Straight Forecast, they are however a type of bet you are only going to be offered on greyhound races and horse races along with several different virtual races too that many betting sites have on offer each day.

The aim of placing such a bet is for you to pick out the horse or greyhound that you think is going to win a race and the one that will also come second in that race too.

You are free to bet as much as you like on a Straight Forecast bet, and at the end of the race the official Straight Forecast dividend will be declared, which is always declared to a £1 stake, so if you bet lower than that amount you will receive the respective percentage of the dividend or a multiple of it if you bet more than £1 on your winning Straight Forecast bet.

Due to there usually only being six greyhounds running in a race there is a much better chance of you winning when placing such a bet on greyhound races, but the dividends declared can be much greater when you place such a bet on a horse race that has lots of runners.

The amount of the declared Straight Forecast dividend will be dependent on the starting odds of the first and second placed finishers, so the higher their respective starting prices the higher in value the dividend will then be.

Straight Forecast Dividends Rounded Up at BetFred

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However, by placing your Straight Forecast bets at that betting site if you do ever win any of those bets, they are going to round up the declared Straight Forecast dividend to the next full round pound amount, so you will get more by way of winnings when placing Straight Forecast bets at the BetFred betting site!

Combination Forecast Bets

If you want to have a much greater chance of winning when you set about placing a Straight Forecast bet on any upcoming horse, greyhound or virtual race then consider placing what is known as a Combination Forecast bet.

By doing so you could for example pick out three selections in a race and in total you will have to place sic individual stakes on that bet, but by doing so you will have each of your selections covered for them to come in first and second.

You can also place a Reverse Forecast bet and that is going to see you picking out just two selections but by placing two stakes on that bet you have those selections covered to come first and second in any order, which is often worth doing if you cannot make your mind up as to which two horses for example you think will come in first and second but you are convinced that they both will do in one way or the other!