Strictly Come Dancing Betting Opportunities

Most people will fall into three categories, there are those that will be glued to the television set each weekend watching the X Factor, those that much prefer watching and following the dancers on Strictly Come Dancing, and those that hate both TV shows and will go out to the pub instead when they are being broadcast!

If you fall into the middle category then you may fancy enhancing your viewing experience by having a bet on any of the dancers in this year’s competition, and if so then I will be giving you an insight into just what you can bet on below.

The first betting market you can make use of is you so desire at betting sites such as BetFred is the outright Strictly Come Dancing betting market, and by doing so you are going to find odds on each of the remaining dancers to win the show.

As for those you may be best off betting on, well currently it is Stacey Dooley at 11/8 that is leading the betting, closely followed by Joe Sugg at 3/1, Faye Tozer at 4/1 and also Ashley Roberts at 7/1, whilst there are odds on offer on all of the other dancers taking part in that show, it is going to be one of the above that will win it, in my opinion!

Bet on the Gender of the Winner

There is another unique betting market that you can make use of if you do fancy betting on Strictly Come Dancing, and that is one on which you simply have to pick out the gender of the winner.

That is of course a 50-50 bet, so you have a very fair chance of picking the gender correctly, however due to the odds listed above on the outright betting market being as they are the odds on the winner of this year’s show being a Female are 1/3 and the odds on that winner being Male are 9/4

Top Male Dancer Betting

You may be of the mind that you would much prefer picking out the dancer that is going to be crowned the top male dancer of the show this year, and when placing such a bet that does of course mean the male dancer that comes either first, or is the dancer that comes in second place if the first place winner is female.

As for just where the smart money is going on that betting market, well it is certainly hard for anyone to look any further that Joe Sugg as the most likely top male, however as he is the punters and viewers choice at this stage of the competition the very best odds you are going to get are 2/5.

The three other male dancers that could be crowned the top male dancer this series and their respective odds are Danny John-Jules at 3/1, Charles Venn at odds of 7/1 and Graeme Swann is on offer at very high odds of 16/1 too!

Top Female Dancer Betting Market

You can of course opt to bet on the top female dancer of this series of Strictly Come Dancing, and there are plenty of people taking advantage of the high odds that are on offer over at BetFred.

As for just how high those odds are, well you can back Stacey Dooley at odds of 10/11 and she does look like the punters choice, but as you will know this TV show is one that can often see an unexpected dancing suddenly becoming the viewers favourite to win the contest, and that does of course mean you can back any of the other females if you fancy doing so!

As for the odds that those that do remain in the contest, well Faye Tozer is available at odds of 2/1, you can back Ashley Roberts at 4/1 and as far as the two outsiders go, they are of course Lauren Steadman who is 16/1 to be the top female of Strictly Come Dancing and also Kate Silverton who is at 33/1.

Top 3 Finishers Betting Market

One of the lowest risks bets you can place on the 2018 Strictly Come Dancing show is a bet on which you simply have to pick out one of the dancers that is still in the competition in the hope they finish in the top three.

Obviously you have a much greater chance of winning on that betting market than on most others. However, the odds have been adjusted by BetFred to take into account the fact that they will be paying out to three positions on that betting market.

With that in mind, if you do fancy making use of that betting market that allow me to now give you some ideas of the odds that are chalked up and on offer on each of the remaining competitors.

Stacey Dooley must be the value bet currently on that top three finishers betting market for you are going to be able to back her at odds of 1/4, it is then Joe Sugg that is the next best value bet for the odds you can get on that dancer finishing in the top three dancers of the series are 8/13.

Faye Tozer is another odds-on favourite to fill one of the top three positions and her odds are respectable at 4/6, and as for the chances of dancers such as Ashley Roberts she is 5/4 and Danny John-Jules is of course in with a chance at his odds of 5/2.

The four competitors that have the lowest chances of finishing in the top three positions, but therefore do have the very highest odds attached to them are Lauren Steadman who is 5/1, and Charles Venn is also available at the exact same odds of 5/1

Kate Silverton and Graeme Swann are the least likely dancers to fill one of the top three positions on Strictly Come Dancing this series, but if you do fancy backing one of those two outsiders to do so they are both on offer at BetFred at odds of 8/1!