Best Paying Football Coupons

There should only be one place you visit if you want to ensure you are getting the best possible paybacks from all your football coupon bets and wagers, and the is our top rated Betfred betting site.

If there is one thing that they are famed for doing it is wiping the floor with their competitors, when it comes to enhanced and boosted pay-outs on their every goring range of football coupon betting opportunities, and they are also very big on football related bonuses and free bets too.

Betfred are also one of the only betting sites that I know of that will happily pay out their customers’ league title winner winning football bets before the end of the season! The owner of Betfred that being Fred Done has been stung before by doing so, when the team he thought was going to win the title didn’t, but he took it on the chin and always wants his customers to have the best deals.

Below you will find details of how their best paying football betting coupons have been designed, and if you have never yet placed a bet on one of them, then it really is about time you did so.

So, read on and educate yourself as to why the savviest off football bettors always bet at Betfred and nowhere else, then head over to their website and make sure you sign up today and make full use of their overly generous welcome bonus offer that is credited to your account rapidly.

Betfred Goals Galore Football Betting Coupons

It is the range of Goals Galore coupon that you should always choose to concentrate your football betting activates on, and with that in mind I now want to walk you through the way each of those coupons bets have been designed.

Keep in mind to that Betfred, being one of our approved sportsbook have an exclusive welcome betting offer that you can make use of, so simply click onto any of our links to visit their website for a full overview of the terms and conditions attached to that bonus and how to claim it too.

Goals Galore Coupon

When you make use of the standard Goals Galore coupon from Betfred you must place at least three selections from any of the teams listed on that betting coupon.

What you are hoping will happen during each football match you select is that both teams will score at least one goal, the match for betting purposes lasts the full 90 minutes and any additional injury or stoppage time added at the referee’s discretion.

If all your selections are winning ones then you are a winner and your bet is going to be settled as an accumulator. If you pick just three selections though and one match doesn’t take place then the other best still on the coupon are steeled at odds of 6/4 or 4/7 if just one match takes place from the three you have chosen.

Goals Galore Bonus Coupon

The Goals Galore bonus coupon is unique in as much as the odds that are on offer have been boosted on the teams listed on that coupon, so you will have the chance of winning more than you would when betting on the above coupon, however there are not as many football matches on this coupon as there will be on the one above.

The way you win is however identical to the bet above and that is by you correctly predicting which matches from those on offer to you are going to end with at least one goal being scored by both teams, if both teams do score on every match you select you will be in the money.

Once again though, you are obliged to place a minimum of three selections on the Goals Galore bonus coupon for that bet to be accepted, but there is no limit on the maximum number of teams you can pick, other than the maximum number of them on each the coupon!

Goals Galore – No Draw Coupon

Now the Goals Galore No Draw coupon is an interesting one, for you still must pick a match in which both teams will score at least one goal, but to win each match selected much not end in a draw!

The odds available are extremely generous on this betting coupon, for example if you pick out just two matches to bet on and both teams score more than one goal but the match does not end in a draw you are paid out at odds of 6/1.

If you ever manage to pick out 10 matches and both teams score and the match does not end in a draw then you will be rewarded with pay-out odds of a whopping 25000/1!

Unlike the two coupon bets listed above the minimum number of matches you can pick is just two or them as opposed to three on those coupons mentioned above, but if you are looking for a potentially huge paying coupon bet then this one is certainly worth considering.

Goals Galore – 1st Half/2nd Half Coupon

The final Goals Galore coupon is a tricky affair, for you must predict which teams you think are going to score in either the first half or the second half of a match.

Both teams however must sore in the first half if that is the one you select or the second half if you opted for that option, and there are some very high and appealing odds on offer.

For example, if you go for the first half goals option and pick out just two teams from two matches to score in the first half, then the pay-out is a whopping 20/1. Odds of 11/1 are on offer if you select two teams from two matches to both score in the second half instead.

You must however select a minimum of two matches for both of those two different bets, but the more of them you do pick the bigger and higher in value your final pay-out could become!

Guide to Football Coupon Betting

If you are from the USA you will probably identify coupons with money off vouchers and the suchlike, however when you come across football betting coupons they are simply a betting slip on which you can bet on a range of soccer matches, and get paid out at some enhanced odds, if you are lucky enough to predict the correct outcomes on them.

What I have therefore done in the following guide is to put together an overview of the many different types and kinds of football betting coupons that you can make use of, many of which can be found at our featured betting sites.

The thing to keep in mind about soccer coupon betting is that you can win some huge amounts of cash when everything falls into place, and you usually do win when you are least expecting it! However, it is always the luck of the draw when betting on soccer, but you never will know when your luck will be in.

On a quick side note, if you are into betting on football, then all of the betting sites you will see showcased throughout this website are famed for some of the best soccer related offers, deals and promotions, and when signing up to any of those sites for the very first time you can bag for yourself all manner of extras too, via their welcome offers, so do check them out and claim those offers as soon as you can do!

Both Teams to Score Coupon

One type of football betting coupon that will certainly give you an interest in all football matches right until the dying seconds of each game is a both teams to score coupon.

When you come across such a coupon you will be presented with a very long list of football matches, that tend to be playing on the same day, or on consecutive days of the week, and alongside each of the two teams names that are playing against each other you will find yes odds and no odds.

The aim of this coupon is that you must predict whether both teams are going to score at the very least one goal each in each match selected, and if you think they will click or tap or mark the yes tab or the no tab.

There will be a set of odds against the yes or no option, which will reflect the odds you will be paid out at if you guess correctly. If you select any number of teams to either both score a goal or not, then the stake you wager on that bet will be wagered on the first selection and if that is a winning one your winnings will roll over in turn onto the next selections you have made.

You can place very low valued stakes on this betting coupon or some high-stake amounts, that decision is yours to make, and you will be able to pick as many teams as you like, and there will of course only be two possible outcomes on each bet, either the teams do score one goal each or they don’t, so you have a 50/50 chance of success on each match chosen.

Long List Football Betting Coupons

The original football betting coupon, which is still as popular with punters today as it has always been is known as the long list.

What you are going to find listed on that coupon are every match scheduled to take place over the weekend or sometimes during one full week.

Every match will have listed alongside the two teams names the home team win odds, the draw odds and the away team win odds, and you must pick out as many teams as you like by predicting what way the match will end.

Once again and much like the football coupon bet above you will need to correctly predict every single matches outcome correctly to receive a winning pay-out, for the bet you will be placing is an accumulator type of bet.

The stakes that can be placed on such a bet are variable and the potential winnings can be huge, but that will always be determined by your staked amount coupled with the total number of matches you predict. Be aware that some betting sites are going to require you to select a minimum number of matches to predict the outcome of on such bets, which is usually at least three matches to bet on.

Under/Over 2.5 Goals Betting Coupons

There is another football betting coupon that I do think is going to be of interest to quite a lot of avid football fans, and that is one that is designed as something known as an under/over 2.5 goals football betting coupon.

Now the name of this coupon does give you a very clear idea of what it is based around, and that if you must correctly predict whether the total number of goals scored will be under 2.5 or over 2.5 on any number of matches.

As there is only going to be two possible outcomes on each match, that being yet there will be more than 2.5 goals scored in each match, or no there wont be, you will see listed alongside each match on the coupon the odds of the yes and no predication.

Once you placed your bet and the results are known if each match you have predicted does have the correct outcome as predicted by you regarding the number of goals scored being under or over 2.5 then your stake will be placed on the first match in your list, the winnings will be worked out and then that and the stake are then placed on the next match, and the next and so on until your final winnings are known.

This is another football betting coupon that can pay-out some very large amounts of cash at times, even if you only bet a small amount on it!

Follow the Smart Money on the World Cup Group Stage Matches

World Cup Group Stage Betting

They do say that if you follow where the smart money is going on any soccer matches, then you will experience plenty of winning outcomes, and can often spot a few bets and wagers you may not have considered placing.

Therefore, as the excitement really is building up to the Group Stages of the World Cup, I am going to be looking at which teams in their Group Stage matches are worrying the bookies, due to the very high volumes of wagers being placed on certain teams!

One thing you are going to find no matter where you choose to place a bet on the Russia vs Saudi Arabia match on the 14th of June 2018, is that the bookies know that Russia should win it and are only going 3/10 on them doing so. The draw odds are 7/2 and Saudi Arabia must be a mug bet at 11/1!

Uruguay Should Win Against Egypt

Betting sites across the world are hoping that Uruguay get stuffed by Egypt, for I do know lots of them have been taking some hefty bets on Uruguay to win, so much so the book on that match is Egypt 6/1 to win, the draw is 11/4 and Uruguay are now 8/15 to win.

The above match along with the following two are being played on June the 15th, and it is Morocco at 13/10 that the smart money is going on in their match against Iran who are 12/5 to win, the draw at 2/1 does offer a tad of value though.

I doubt the 5/6 odds that are currently on offer on Spain beating the 16/5 outsiders Portugal in their match on the 15th are going to be on offer for much longer, and the draw if that is something you think will be the outcome is on offer at 23/10.

France are Going to Stuff the Aussies!

When one team are in a different class to another you are going to find all betting sites, sportsbooks are bookies are going to give the favourites to win a match such short odds-on no one will want to place those bets.

That is what you will notice on the France vs Australia match, for France are going to win this match, there is no disputing that fact, and their odds are 1/6 to do so, but that does mean those mug punters of there who want to bet on the draw can do so at 5/1 or on Australia to win they will get odds of 18/1!

A similar set of circumstances to the above match also being played on the 16th of June is on place on the Argentina vs Iceland match, for Argentina should win that match so the bookies have their odds pinned down low at 3/10, the draw is 7/2 and Iceland who cannot possibly win this match can be had at odds of 10/1!

The Peru vs Denmark match is one that does have some value to it, for Peru are 11/4 the draw is on offer at 9/4 and the bookies make Denmark the eve money favourite to win that match.

One match that is also on the 16th of June which isn’t unfair regarding the odds on each possible outcome is the Croatia vs Nigeria match, Croatia should win at 4/5 but do not discount the draw at odds of 12/5 or even a Nigeria win at odds of 7/2!

Winner Bookmaker Review

Winner Online Bookie Review

With a name like Winner you may be wondering what this sportsbook is all about, well one thing that will be certain if you do decide to give them a try is that you are going to find they will have betting markets on every single sporting event, and they are a huge company that have their headquarters over on Gibraltar.

As such they do abide always by some of the strictest of gaming laws and regulations, and over the years that’s led to the success of their betting operation, so much so that they have moved into many other gaming marketplaces too.

So, if you do want a bet then you will always be able to do so and at some appealing odds when gambling at the Winner Sportsbook, but you will also find you can play casino games, poker or even bingo by visiting one of their own fully branded gaming sites too.

However, let me stick to their sportsbooks in this review, for it is of the quality demanded by todays savviest of punters, and with their own in-house teams of odds compilers, if you do think you have the skill to beat them at their own game then this sportsbook should be right at the top of your list of betting sites you do gamble at!

Exclusive £200 Free Matched Bet Offer

£200 free new player bonusOne type of betting bonus that most sportsbooks and bookmaker’s sites will be offering you are those known as free matched bets, and to claim them once you have registered as a user of any sportsbook for the very first time you must make a deposit and then go about placing your very first initial bet.

Once that bet has been settled win or lose the betting site will then award you with a free bet up to the value of the initial once you placed, however they tend to only match a small amount of that bets value, but Winner have a much more generous bonus up for grabs.

For win or lose after you have placed your very first bet with them they will match its value up to £200,  (Ts & Cs Apply) however they will only do that if you use our direct links to sign up to their site, so give any of them a click, register and then make your first deposit and bet, and that matched bet will soon be yours!

Bet Quickly and Easily at Winner Sportsbook 

He who hesitates is lost, as the saying goes, and you will certainly lose out if you hang around when placing bets, as is often the case the one thing you want to bet on will often see its odds being reduced when you delay getting a wager placed.

However, the Winner sportsbook know what players look for when gambling online and as such their web-based betting platform is not going to be cumbersome to use, not is it going to slow down your browsing of their odds and available betting markets and betting opportunities.

Juts log into your account, chose the sporting category you wish to bet on and you will then be presented with all up and coming sporting events.

The betting app at Winner is just as simple to use as their online betting platform, however you are going to need to ensure you get used to the click and tap way in which you will be betting when using that betting platform.

If you are still unsure as to whether betting on your mobile is going to be as easy to do as when betting online you have nothing to lose by downloading and installing their app and scrolling through it, to see first-hand just how easy it is to use.

There is also no requirement or need for you to have to re-register again if you do hold an account at the online version of Winner, for you can use the same log-in details that you have for that platform on their betting app.

Your funds by the way will always be available irrespective of whether you log into their betting app or if you use their online betting platform, so there is no need to deposit again to bet if you do have money in your account.

All Sports Betting Markets

Having been around for several years now, Winner have put into place their own in-house team of odds compilers and therefore do not rely on third parties to put their betting markets in place, which does result in their often being plenty of value to be had on their sports betting markets.

Whilst at time you may find just an outright win betting markets on some sporting events and sporting fixtures, you are more likely than not going to find they will be offering a plethora of different betting opportunities on the sporting categories you like the most.

In addition to you being able to bet before the start of any sporting event, once those events do go live Winner then open the in-play betting markets, so you can continue to place bets and wagers and possibly hedge bets you placed before the off.

Look over their website as soon as you can do, for by doing so right now or at any time you are always going to be able to very clearly see just what their current odds and money lines are on every single type of sporting event!

Legal and Safe Betting at the Winner Sportsbook

No two betting sites will be offering you the same features and even odds, and that is why as you do take a good look around this website we have put together a handful of sportsbook reviews of the betting sites that we just know are going to be offering a unique type of sports betting experience.

But no matter which of those sportsbooks you choose to sign up to and play you will be getting a betting experience you will want to return to of that we can be sure.

There are many wants and demands that all sports bettors are going to have on their checklist, and one thing that should be high up on your own personal checklist if not right at the top of it is whether the sportsbooks you may be thinking of signing up to are fully licensed.

I am more than happy to let you know that the Winner Sportsbook is a fully licensed and regulated betting site, and it is one at which you are always going to find a fully rounded betting experience on offer to you!

Winner Customer Support

Having to wait around if you do run into any problems when trying to contact the support team at any sportsbook is going to be annoying, but not as annoying as having to then wait to be passed around from one department to another to get your problems rectified.

I should start off however by saying the chances of you running into any technical problems at Winner sportsbook are going to be very low, for as you have found out from above their website is highly advanced and has been tried and testing by many thousands of punters over the years.

But if you do need any help or advice or having any question related to the Winner betting site or their mobile app they always have support team members on duty who all are fully trained and will get your questions answered or your problems rectified rapidly.

Never underestimate the importance of having support on hand whenever you may need them, and that is something that you are always going to have if you make what I know to be the very smart decision of signing up to and then betting at the Winner sportsbook.

My Thoughts on the Winner Sportsbook

One thing I have become aware of with the Winner Sportsbook is that they are very strict regarding the terms and conditions associated and attached with each of their betting site promotional offers, deals and bonuses.

I do of course want you to have a hassle-free gambling experience as one of their customers and with that in mind I would encourage you to ensure that if you do ever wish of claim their ongoing bonus, or you are tempted to make use of their sign-up bonus, then please do read through their terms and conditions.

By doing so and making yourself aware of just how they have been written and structured you will then not fall foul of any of their rules and terms and conditions, failing to do so could see you then having your winnings voided out if you do break any of their rules.

Having said that though, if you do pay by their rules then you will get paid out your winning on time and always in full, which is all you can ask for from a betting sites you have won at really, so they are a betting site I have no difficulties or problems recommending to you.

Check Out Winner Sports Here!

Football Betting Strategies

Premier League Football Betting Strategy

When it comes to betting on football matches, such as those teams playing in the Premier League, you are always going to be best advised to research fully each team’s current form, and also be aware of some other facts and figures too, if you are to have a fair chance of winning.

All betting sites are going to be offering their own odds on the outcome of each Premier League match, and as such one way you can be assured of getting the best value and the highest amount of winnings paid out to you on any winning best is by ensuring the betting sites that you bet at are offering the best odds!

best betting odds for football and the EPL

The best Premier League betting strategy you can adopt is to place bets on home teams winning, as opposed to betting on away teams to win a match or even betting on the draw.

I say that since on average home teams in the Premier League win around 46.20% of their matches, whilst those matches that end up being a draw do so 27.50% of the time, and away teams only win over average around 26.30% of matches.

So, you are going to stand a much greater chance of winning when betting on a Premier League team to win at home that you would do betting on the draw or an away team win.

One way that you could bet on the home teams is by using a betting strategy that will see you slowly increasing your stakes on the next match a team plays if the team you bet on to win at home loses their previous match.

If you structure your betting strategy in such a way then it will only take one winning bet to return to you all your previous stakes and losses and will give you a small profit, and you should be able to afford to bet on a fair number of home matches without having to pay a small fortune if a series of them are losing ones.

However, there are plenty of different betting strategies that you could choose to adopt, so I would strongly suggest that you also checkout some other Premier League betting strategies as some of them may be more appealing than simply betting on the home team to win each time you place a bet!

What you should also be on the lookout for when you do place any type of football related bets, are betting sites that offer a range of different consolation money back bonuses to their customers.

Such sites will often give you the chance of winning your losing stakes back if something they have predicated happens in a football match does happen, and the bets you have placed is a losing one, as opposed to a winning one. 

Those cash back consolation bets can often see you getting your money back when otherwise you would have placed a losing bet, so they are worth hunting around for. In fact, many of our featured betting sites do offer such bonuses, so they should be the betting sites you consider placing all your football related bets and wagers at!EPL

Manchester City For The Title?

Can anybody catch Manchester City in the Premier League?

The EPL is only nine games old but there is already an odds-on favourite for the title. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City sit at the top of the table with 25 points from a possible 27 so far and they will be difficult to catch. The Citizen’s most eye-catching result so far was their 7-2 demolition of Stoke City at the Etihad Stadium on October 14th and they have netted 32 goals so far (an average of 3.5 goals per game). Kevin De Bruyne has been instrumental in their success so far whilst they have looked far more secure at the back with just four goals conceded which is significantly fewer than this time last year. They are as short as 1/8 (with Bet Victor) for the title at the time of writing but can anyone catch them?

Manchester United

Jose Mourinho’s side will be desperate to catch their runaway rivals but their 2-1 defeat to Huddersfield on October 21st could prove damaging. The Red Devils are still only five points behind Pep’s side and they could recover some of that ground when the sides meet at Old Trafford on December 10th. United are second favourites in the betting at 31/2 (with 10 Bet) but they cannot afford any more below-par performances this season.

The Europa League champions are also juggling Champions League commitments and have made a bright start to life amongst Europe’s elite but with early season injuries to Paul Pogba, Marouane Fellaini and Eric Bailly, their squad may become stretched especially over the Christmas & New Year period.

They’ll be relying on the goals of £75 million signing Romelu Lukaku this season with the Belgian netting seven times in his opening nine matches and is the 4/1 second favourite in the top goalscorer market.


Mauricio Pochettino’s side sit third in the outright betting at 41/4 (with 10 Bet) and they’ve made a decent start to the season. Unfortunately, an early season defeat to London rivals Chelsea and disappointing draws against Swansea and Burnley at their temporary home have set them back however they now appear to be hitting their stride. After holding Real Madrid to 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu, they demolished Liverpool on October 22nd with Harry Kane, Dele Ali and Heung-Min Son all getting on the scoresheet.

They’ve conceded just five goals so far this season and have the imperious Harry Kane leading the line. The Englishman has netted eight goals so far this campaign and is the 13/8 favourite in the top goalscorer market. He is aiming to break the 30 goal barrier this time around after firing in 29 during the 2016-17 season.

Spurs look an excellent unit and are extremely exciting to watch but their lack of alternative striking options could count against them later in the season.


There have been murmurings of discontent at Stamford Bridge this season with Chelsea coming unstuck against both Burnley and Crystal Palace in their opening nine matches. Antonio Conte’s future is uncertain but the players proved that they have the appetite for the battle after coming from 2-1 down to see off Watford on October 21st. They’ve started the Champions League in decent fashion with victories over Atletico Madrid and Qarabag but they will need to improve their consistency in the top flight.
The Blues currently sit in 4th position and have collected 17 points so far although they failed to break down both Arsenal and Manchester City at the Bridge which is a worrying trend.

Summer signing Alvaro Morata has already notched five goals whilst perennial super-sub Michy Batshuayi has proved an able deputy from the bench. The former is 14/1 (with Bet365) to finish the season as top goalscorer in the Premier League.


Arsenal have once again flattered to deceive with their performances so far but still sit 5th with nine games played. The Gunners have been poor on their travels netting just once in their opening four matches on the road before smashing five past Everton on October 22nd. Arsene Wenger’s side have been guilty of possessing a soft-centre once again with German International Mezut Ozil regularly criticised for his perceived lack of effort in the centre of the park.

Arsenal are 50/1 (with 188Bet) to make an unlikely bid for top spot although many bettors will be eyeing up odds-against prices for them to finish in the top four.

They’ve already conceded more goals than 15th place Swansea with only Watford and Liverpool shipping more goals in the top half with the Gunner’s defensive woes appearing unresolved from last season.


Liverpool are the only other side being considered for the title although their 4-1 loss at the hands of Spurs on October 22nd has seen them pushed out to 80/1 for the title (with 10 Bet). Jurgen Klopp’s side are defensively unreliable and are averaging almost two goals conceded per game. Dejan Lovren has come in for plenty of criticism this season and the Reds are likely to strengthen during the January transfer window but it could come too late.

They’ve made decent progress in the Champions League after smashing seven past Maribor and are best price 33/1 to go all the way in the competition. Liverpool are dropping too many points this season with the likes of Newcastle, Watford and Burnley all taking at least a point from the Merseyside outfit this season but they’ve been terrific entertainment along the way.

Premier League Relegation

It took eight games (and two managers) for Crystal Palace to pick up their first points and even score their first Premier League goal and the Eagles are understandably priced at 8/11 favourites (with Betfred) for the drop this campaign. Roy Hodgson is tasked with turning things around at Selhurst Park but which other sides are in danger of finishing below the dotted line?


The Terriers made a bright start to life in the Premier League with victories over Crystal Palace and Newcastle but David Wagner’s side haven’t been able to build upon that. They did beat Manchester United at the John Smith’s Stadium and their home form will be key to their survival this year. The West Yorkshire side are 7/5 second favourites (with Paddy Power) for an instant return to the Championship but their togetherness and the quality of Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy could keep them in the league.


Paul Clement’s side have been defensively sound this season but their lack of goals could prove a hindrance in their battle for survival. The Swans are 21/20 (with 10 Bet) to slip out of the top flight and are the joint second lowest scorers in the division after nine games. Tammy Abraham is off the mark for this temporary club however returning hero Wilfried Bony hasn’t had the desired effect and is still looking to make his mark at the Liberty. Renato Sanchez is another player who has failed to shine since his high-profile move to Wales and they need to start beating the sides around them in the table if they are to beat the drop.


The Seagulls have made a mixed start to life in the Premier League but their 3-0 hammering of West Ham on October 20th showed they won’t go down without a fight. Chris Hughton’s side don’t appear to be awash with goals but they are a hard-working side and are likely to be strong at the AMEX. They held free-scoring Manchester City for 70 minutes on the opening day of the season and have remained unbeaten at home since. They are 9/4 (with Betfair) to return to the second tier but they should have enough to survive.


After the money they’ve spent, it’s unthinkable that Everton could be relegation candidates but they have collected just eight points from a possible 27 so far and have looked like a collection of individuals as opposed to a team. Ronald Koeman is a manager under pressure and his side need to start picking up points sooner rather than later. Failing to adequately replace the goals of Romelu Lukaku has been the Toffees biggest issue with the Merseysiders finding the net just eight times so far. Everton can still be backed at 16/1 with 188 Bet for relegation this season and they could be for a season of struggle if improvement doesn’t arrive quickly.


Eddies Howe’s Bournemouth should have enough to survive but they’re a frustrating team to follow. They have a number of young and talented players but have only managed to score six times in their opening nine games although the imminent return of Callum Wilson should help improve matters. Josh King will be the key this campaign but he is currently sidelined. The Cherries picked up an important three points against Stoke on October 21st and that could help kick start their survival campaign. The Dorset outfit are 11/5 (with Betfred) to finish in the bottom three this season.

Sky Bet Sportsbook Review

Sky Bet Online Sportsbook Review

SkyBet are one of the household names when it comes to online sports betting and their regular television adverts & sponsorship of sporting events has only increased their reputation in recent years.

Sky are synonymous with live football in the UK and their coverage of the Premier League action and their betting company provides a huge number of markets and enticing price boosts on many big games throughout the season. It isn’t just football, SkyBet is an extremely popular brand with racing fans too.

Since their rebrand in 2012 Sky Bet have been the hosts of Sky’s Super 6 competition each weekend which is heavily promoted throughout Soccer Saturday. An account is required in order to enter the weekly competition.

Getting Started and Signing Up

Sky Bet make the process of signing up for an account remarkably straight-forward and many first time bettors tend to opt for Sky Bet due its simplicity. The Sign Up box is prominently displayed on the right hand side of the page. A separate screen loads and a few details are required including address, telephone number and payment details.

sky bet sign up offer

Occasionally Sky Bet may ask for age verification. This is often if card details do not match personal information. Unlike rival sportsbooks, no password is required. Sky Bet ask new customers to select a 4-digit code which they can use every time they log in. This is a terrific idea and in a day and age when multiple passwords are required, this is a slightly alternative way of operating.
Sky Bet also offer the chance to sign up via their mobile site.

Depositing and Withdrawing

Sky Bet accepts the majority of major payment methods. Visa Debit and Credit cards are the most popular ways of funding an account. Deposits arrive in accounts straight away but it often takes between 2 and 5 working days for withdrawals to reach bank accounts. Sky Bet offer a £5 minimum deposit using this method and accounts must boast £10 or more before withdrawals can be completed.

Neteller, Skrill and Apple Pay have recently been added to the range of available methods offered by Sky Bet. Paypal is a popular way of funding betting accounts but ensure you add these details when signing up as existing customers have complained that adding them at a later date can be difficult. Withdrawals can often process faster if using a Paypal account.

One of the biggest grievances with Sky Bet in recent years has been the lack of deposit options but they have worked to improve this recently and the range is pretty extensive now.

New Customer Bonus

There are technically two different sign up promotions offered by Sky Bet so it’s well-worth opening an account if you haven’t already got one.

A free £10 bet without having to make a deposit into your account.

Deposit and place a bet of £5 or more and get a free £20 bet.

New customers can select which of the two options they prefer when completing the sign up process. The free £10 bet should be credited to accounts instantly but occasionally logging out and signing back in will trigger this. This offer is particularly enticing as new customers get a feel for the website without spending any money.
Terms and conditions apply for both offers. It’s always worth checking these.

There’s also the Sky Bet Club. You will be given the chance to opt-in once the sign-up process is complete. Customers who opt-in and make £25 worth of qualifying bets within 7 days are rewarded with a free £5 bet at the end of every week. Bets must be struck at Evens or greater.

Other Bonuses and Promotions

Sky Bet offer a huge range of promotions throughout the football season with the majority of their offers tailored around the Premier League season.

As well as the Sky Bet Club there are several enhanced prices ahead of major sporting events. These aren’t just restricted to football with recent boosts featuring action from the French Open tennis and the Monaco Grand Prix.

There is a weekly boost which is emailed to customers. This is often three teams to win, usually all favourites with an enhanced price offered to tempt customers into a bet. Many of these did win throughout the season at prices as big as 7/1. International fixtures often yield many of these boosts too.

Regular boosts are also available on horse racing. These don’t occur every day but expect heavy advertising of these during the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot.

Users also get free entry into the aforementioned weekly Super 6 competition with prizes of up to £250,000 available.

Finally, not strictly a promotion but their request-a-bet service on Twitter is an excellent use of social media. Punters can put together ambitious or ostentatious accumulators and multiples for one particular event which will be duly priced up by the traders. Other bookmakers have followed suit but Sky Bet were one of the trailblazers for this idea.

Mobile Site and App

Sky Bet’s mobile site has all the functions and qualities of their main site. You won’t miss any of the action using your phone to place bets on the move. The App is easy to download from all major stores and it’s easy to get started.

The live betting page is the standout feature of the App with the live stats updating quickly throughout matches.
The recently launched Sky Bet Tracker is also available for mobile users. This allows punters to check on the progress of their bets and they will be offered a cash-out option if available. This is particularly handy if you’re betting in multiples or have numerous accumulators of a weekend!

skybet mobile betting app is very easy to use

Overall, the mobile offering feels clean and the usability is simple. The Sky Bet App rarely encounters gremlins and it’s quick and easy to place and monitor your bet whether you’re on the bus or sat in the dentist’s waiting room!

Website Usability

On the whole the Sky Bet website is easy to use but occasionally things appear a bit jumbled. Frustratingly you often have to navigate below all of the current In-Play matches so if you log in at a busy time you may have some scrolling to do before you can find your desired market.

There are many great features including the easy-to-use A-Z of sports down the left hand side of the website. This is a quicker way of discovering less mainstream action. The ‘Forthcoming events’ section is another positive feature which allows customers to view upcoming betting heats before deciding where the money is going.

Switching between markets and sports is nice and simple and the dedicated in-play page is impressively laid out.
The simplicity of the website layout and the individual event pages makes Sky Bet ideal for first time online bettors.

The website is always quick to load and rarely troublesome to navigate but its design hasn’t been updated for a number of years and a fresher feel is perhaps required. It is easy to switch between events and sports but occasionally the live in-play markets frustratingly get in the way.

Markets and Odds

Sky Bet is certainly one of the best when it comes to odds. The company regular offer price boosts on both horse racing and football but their markets are nearly always competitive.

Their range of odds on each event are particularly impressive with fans of Boxing, Tennis and Cycling amongst those who have been impressed over the years.

An impressive set of markets are available on most major leagues with markets such as ‘Correct Score Group Betting’ and ‘Exact number of goals in the match’ priced up days ahead of the event.

There’s also an enticing range of ante-post bets available with Sky Bet who are one of the few companies offering a wide range of Football League bets for the forthcoming season.

Customer Service

There are plenty of ways of contacting Sky Bet should you encounter a problem. There is a comprehensive FAQ available on their website and it’s easy to locate. If you have an issue, it’s always advised to check this page before contacting the company directly.

Should the query not be answered there is a telephone line where friendly operators will aim to solve the conundrum as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is open until midnight (UK time) each evening. Sky Bet have recently launched a live chat function which is a helpful way of contacting an advisor. There’s also an email address available on their website or a postal address if preferred.


Sky Bet is ideal for first time online sportsbook users. Its simplicity is part of its charm and the range of markets is impressive. They specialise in live betting and their tracker service for mobile users is a tremendous addition. Occasionally their website can frustrate but if you can look past its minor flaws it won’t cause big problems when placing a bet. Their sign up offer is one of the best on the market particularly as no deposit is required and their other services such a ‘Request A Bet’ have just added to their already impressive offering.

Football Betting Guide

How To Bet On Football

Betting on football has seen a significant growth over the past 10 years and there are an ever increasing number of online sportsbooks offering an expansive range of markets.

Gone are the days when the casual punter would amble into their local betting shop and place an ambitious 7-fold accumulator on a Saturday morning. Yes, that is still possible, but betting online & on smartphones has quickened the process and it’s faster and easier than ever to place a bet on the move.

You could be backing goals in the Bundesliga whilst stoking up the barbecue. You could be following the action from the Russian Premier League whilst at the gym. You could be betting on the Premier League whilst rambling through the countryside. You get the idea…

If you’re new to football betting, It is best to do research and observe the markets and offerings before jumping in. We’re here to help…

Online Sportsbooks

betting slipEVERY online sportsbook offers football betting with each company continually adding to their range of markets. Sportsbooks such as Coral target football customers and there are a number of terrific sign-up bonuses to look out for. These will set you on your way.

The football markets are usually signposted on their websites and typically would advertise upcoming games in the English Premier League, Champions League or Internationals.

Websites such as odds-checker will compare and contrast the different odds provided by many bookmakers and are a handy tool for the value seeker.

Leagues & Competitions

Every online sportsbook will offer thousands of leagues from around the world. The best advice is to play to your strengths. If you only know the English Premier League, then stick to that.

The more knowledge you possess, the better. If you have expertise on the Japanese second tier you will find plenty of markets for these games.

Research is a good way of expanding your portfolio and following a new division each week is a good way of broadening your betting horizons, but don’t wager on a particular league simply because it’s the only one playing that day.

Most online sportsbooks will offer all of the top leagues from around Europe (Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A etc) and most will also offer Australian A-League, South American Leagues & MLS to name a few. Markets tend to be limited on the more obscure divisions.


There are hundreds of markets available for each match and the choice can be overwhelming at times, but the more experience you gain, the better you’ll become at selecting your stronger suit.

Some people prefer to bet on goals-based markets as they find the unpredictability of team performances hard to decipher. Some bettors like to stick to outrights and there are others who will often look at potential goal-scorers as an option. You’ll find your own niche and it will hopefully be a profitable one!


The simplest of all the markets. This is the same as selecting 1,2 or X on the coupon in the betting shop. There are three possible outcomes in this market – Home Win, Draw or Away Win.

Predicting the outcome of a match is a straightforward looking task and is still the most popular market. Typically, the home side will start at the shortest odds whilst backing away teams can be profitable.

Many punters avoid backing the draw but this is usually priced 2/1 or bigger and can be a great way of making money. If Team A and Team B struggle for goals and have drawn three of their last four meetings, there’s a high chance it will finish all square.

Punters enjoy putting outright selections into Accumulators. Perms or Doubles & Trebles (More on these later…)

Both Teams to Score

An increasingly popular bet is Both Teams to Score. Most sportsbooks will provide odds for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in this market. The odds can be restrictive as there is a 50/50 chance of your bet landing.

If you’re struggling to pick a winner in the outright market, this can be a great way of playing.

It’s preferable to select ‘Yes’ in this market as it’s better to cheer on goals than willing sides to keep a clean sheet! BUT, if a side have a habit of keeping clean sheets at home, ‘No’ can be a great way of playing and would also cover a 0-0 score-line.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Another popular market with punters is predicting how many goals will feature during the 90 minutes. The bar is set at 2.5 as the majority of matches will feature either 2 or 3 goals.

Some sides are managed by coaches who simply instruct their players to push forward and not worry about defending, this will inevitably lead to a high scoring game. Online sportsbooks gradually spot the pattern and reduce the price accordingly.

Top of the table sides playing one another can often result in cagey affairs and under 2.5 goals is a regular outcome.

One of the appeals of this type of bet is the interest can be maintained until the final minute of the game. If it’s goalless at half time, an open second half could result in three goals. Occasionally a flurry of goals may arrive in the final 20 minutes.

Goalscorers – Anytime/First/Last

The goal-scorer market is an alternative which is offered by the majority of online sportsbooks. Every player who is likely to start will be priced up and options will be available on your selection to score the first goal of the game (this rolls over if it’s an own goal), last goal of the game or at any point during the 90 minutes.

Players to score 2 or more goals or even a hat-trick will often be available too.

Needless to say, strikers will begin at shorter prices and big grizzly central defenders will provide larger returns if they somehow find the net.


Handicap betting allows punters to give either team a goal advantage or disadvantage.

Home teams can often be priced too short and prices such as 1/4 or 2/9 just don’t appeal. Value can be found by backing them to win by 2 clear goals. -1 on the handicap is essentially taking a goal away from them and predicting that they will still win.

For example – A 3-0 victory (-1 goal) would still result in a 2-0 victory and the bet would land!

3(-1) -0 = 2-0

A 2-1 score-line (-1 goal) would result in a draw and the bet would lose.

2(-1)-1 = 1-1

Alternatively, a side who aren’t expected to win can be backed +1 on the handicap. It’s the same premise, add this goal to the underdogs score and you would collect if the match ended a draw. +2 and +3 are also other options, these are particularly handy for seemingly one sided encounters.

Other Types of Football Bet


Everybody loves an accumulator on a Saturday!

Accumulators are formed of a number of games (4 or more) and all selections MUST win to secure a return. Some punters love an ambitious 13-fold accumulator on the off chance it’ll be their lucky day, but most bettors will stick to 5 or 6 teams.

Most accumulators consist of outright results, but online sportsbooks allow any market to feature in an accumulator. You cannot have two selections from the same match however.

Landing one of these can result in HUGE pay-outs for small stakes.


These bets will generally be placed prior to a new season beginning or at the start of a competition. The most popular Ante-Post bets are ‘Team X to win the league’ or ‘Team Y to be promoted’.

Most online sportsbooks have increased their range of Ante-Post bets over the past couple of years with ‘Relegation’ and ‘Top Goal-Scorer’ also popular with punters.

These markets will be available all season (often removed on match-days) but the prices are likely to be much shorter.

Advice & Strategies

Successful football bettors often require many years to hone their craft and it can be a difficult and frustrating journey. Online sportsbooks would not be in business if betting on football was easy.

Familiarise yourself with the league and the teams within it. Watch as much as you possibly can (without upsetting those around you!) and analyse how different teams and their managers approach matches.

Home/Away form can be crucial and never dismiss recent form. Mentality is a huge part of the sport and a creditable draw can lift spirits paving the way for an unbeaten run.

A new manager bounce is not to be underestimated and serious consideration should be given to a side who are lining up with a new boss.

Goals markets can be a tremendous alternative if you’re struggling to select an outright winner. In these markets consider: Do they tend to keep it tight against the top teams? Do they struggle to break down lower ranked opposition? Have these sides got a history of playing out high scoring affairs?

Placing Bets

Accumulators ARE fun. But they are not a money making strategy. Place a throw-away £1 or two each weekend, but betting in smaller multiples is advisable.

Singles are the most effective way of making money, but do require a large bank to begin with. Doubles are popular and stand a good chance of landing.

Online Bookmakers will always push accumulator bets as there is a higher chance of them losing.

Finally – Always trust your instinct, do your own research & don’t bet if you can’t find anything you like!

Coral Betting Site Review

coral sports betting site has free 20 bets

Corals Online Sportsbook Review

Coral is one the oldest and most established names in sports betting although is relatively small outside of the UK & Ireland. Its online offering is extremely popular and gains thousands of new customers each year.

The Sportsbook prides itself on providing an enjoyable user experience with a number of bonuses and rewards for those who wager on a regular basis.

Coral tends to put the emphasis on football betting and may be a touch guilty of neglecting other sports, but we found plenty to our liking when we took a closer look.

free bets at coral

Getting Started & Signing Up

Like most online sportsbooks Coral don’t make it difficult to sign up to their service. The new customer offers (more on them shortly…) are plastered all over the landing page with the green ‘Join Now’ button in the top right hand corner.

Coral will require some mandatory details and new customers must create a username and password before completing registration. You can also select preferred currency and submit a secret question. Once you’ve submitted all of these, add a payment preference, verify the email and you’re signed up!

Depositing and Withdrawing

There a wealth of deposit options available with Coral. The most popular and highly recommended option is Visa Debit or Credit Card. There is no charge for this and the minimum deposit is just £5/$5.

Mastercard, Skrill, Paypal, Paysafe Card and Neteller are other accepted methods and commonly used.

There appears to be no charge for using any of these at the time of writing.

Unlike most online sportsbooks, Coral allows customers to withdraw as little as £1/$1 from accounts, but this does seem fairly pointless.

Most withdrawals take between 3 & 5 days, which is the average, but can depend on the chosen methods and bank settings.

Money can be moved around between sportsbook wallet and casino wallet.

There is also a responsible gambling page on the Coral website and users can choose to implement their own restrictions.

New Customer Bonus

The Coral Sportsbook bonus offers ALL new customers £20 in FREE bets when they sign up, deposit and bet at least £5. This must be on a selection with odds of 1.50 (1/2) or over.

If you deposit and bet £5, you will receive a £5 free bet. If you deposit and bet £10, you will £10 in free bets. You get the idea…

This is capped at £20 and free bets will arrive in the form of 4 x £5 bets. These are credited to the account straight away.

The first bet must be placed within 14 days of signing up. This is relatively generous considering that rival online sportsbooks offer just a week to take advantage of the bonus. This could be handy if you’re waiting for payday to come around!

coral sports betting site has free 20 bets

If you sign up on the week of a significant football match or sporting occasion, Coral will occasionally offer new customers an alternative sign-up offer. For example – Get 7/1 for Manchester City to beat Stoke when you open a new account. Maximum bet £5.

There is an element of risk involving this bonus as Manchester City MUST win their match, but bonuses will be paid out straight after the final whistle.

Customers will have the option to choose between these bonuses but generally cannot opt in to both.

Other Bonuses and Promotions

There is a dedicated offers page on the Coral website, but most of their current promotions are dotted around the home page already.

These usually come in the form of enhancements for upcoming football matches. Often centred on the Premier League or English teams playing in Europe.

They also have a 5+ Acca Insurance offer which applies to football accumulators and is particularly popular at the weekend.

There aren’t a huge amount of offers focusing on alternative sports although I spotted one or two enhancements on the snooker and Six Nations rugby.

They have various offers geared towards the next big horse racing event including the Cheltenham Festival, Aintree Festival or the St Leger. There are best price guaranteed offers on greyhound races too.


The Coral website has improved remarkably over the past couple of years although at times still looks a little too cluttered.

There is a lot of detail on the home page which can be a little overwhelming at first.

However, finding the sport and market of your choosing is straightforward and menus load up quickly. The football markets are simple to navigate between and placing a bet in easy. Shortcut pages help save time searching for your favourite sports and this can be tailored to suit individual needs.

The In-Play page is particularly easy to navigate and the option of ‘Live in Play Now’ or ‘Live in Play Later’ is a welcome addition and a handy way of planning bets throughout the day.

The interface is decent and the colour scheme is relatively easy-on-the-eye. The busy-ness can be difficult to come to terms with at first, but once your eyes have adapted, it’s soon forgotten about!

Markets and Odds

Coral definitely prioritises football and the majority of their headline offers will relate to this. Horse Racing is another of their key priorities and they offer a decent selection of enhancements and specials on a number of big events within the sport.

It isn’t just sports. Politics, lotto and TV specials are all offered on the Coral website although these aren’t as extensive as some of their rival sportsbooks.

There are plenty of sports offered and can be found in the A-Z of sports list on the left hand side of the website. Aussie Rules, Motorsports, Golf and Hurling are all options available.

Some of these markets have the tendency to be limited and if you’re a fan of betting on Ice Hockey, Basketball or Lacrosse, you may be better looking elsewhere.

The odds provided by the sportsbook are always competitive and offer decent value to punters. They can’t be described as ‘outstanding’, but you won’t be losing any value betting with Coral.

The horse racing markets are plentiful with every UK and Irish race priced up and plenty of ante-post markets and offers on forthcoming festivals.

If you are predominantly a football punter, Coral should be one of your first destinations as there are hundreds of markets on every game from the top leagues throughout Europe. Several enhancements will be available on games in the Champions League, Premier League and major International tournaments.

It’s clear that Coral sportsbook largely target football punters and they cater perfectly for their needs.

Other Features

Coral Radio

Coral Radio allows customers to listen to live audio commentary of all UK and Irish horse racing meetings for FREE. There are also sports commentaries offered. It’s available through the website.


Coral have recently improved their Live Streaming service to compete with rival sportsbooks. It is available through PC, Tablet and Mobile. It boasts over 2,000 live events each week which includes football from the Eredivisie, La Liga and the increasingly popular MLS. There are tennis tournaments from both the ATP & WTA tours as well as Snooker, Darts and Volleyball.

The streams are high quality and are available to any customer with a positive balance in their account.

Horse Racing and Greyhounds are also available in streaming for any customer who places a bet to the value of £1 or greater on the race.

In-Play Betting

The In-Play console is very impressive and extremely simple to navigate. There are hundreds of events available at any one time with markets being updated quickly and efficiently. Cash-Out is also available on the majority of pre-match or In-Play bets which is handy if things are going your way!

Mobile and App

There isn’t too much to say about the Mobile and App offerings. They are easy to download, straightforward and we didn’t come across any problems or glitches when using it. Placing a bet is quick and the menus are simple to navigate which is ideal for those betting on the move.

The Bet Slip is easy to customise and users can add their own quick links to the app in order to speed up the betting process.

Customer Support

If customers are suffering issues with the Coral sportsbook, there are plenty of options available to them. First of all, a huge list of FAQ are available and easily accessible on the website. Make sure you have your reading glasses at the ready as it’s extensive!

Phone-lines are available and manned for the majority of the day. Coral often schedule a call-back to save customers wasting time on hold. This is a nice touch.

There is also a live chat and email service which are both fairly efficient.

Coral’s online sportsbook is an established name in a crowded market and is one of the best options for football and horse racing bettors. They have a decent offering of markets and odds but are perhaps lacking in more obscure sports, however they are constantly improving the service. The offers are plentiful and promotions regular and they certainly look after their customer base. If you can look beyond the slightly busy design of the website, using Coral Sportsbook is an enjoyable experience.

Vist Coral Today and get £20 in FREE bets!