Tuesday, September 21

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How to Place Lucky 15, 31, 63 and Goliath Bets

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When you set about planning your daily sports betting activities, you may find that on any given day of the week you will just find one single sporting event that you fancy placing a wager on, however sometimes you may find several that do catch your eye. In the event of the latter, then you should always be aware of what your options are regarding what types of full cover bets are going to be available to you, as often the odds on several of your potentially winning sports betting opportunities have low and unappealing odds attached to them. If that is something that sounds familiar, then this guide is going to introduce to you four unique bets that go by the name of 15, 31, 63 and Goliath bets, and they are bets that let you perm together several different bets all on one single on...