Tuesday, September 21

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New Range of Pooled Bets from BritBet

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Have you ever been to a racecourse in the UK or even a greyhound track? If so then you will know there are a few different ways you can place a bet at such a venue, the first is by placing your bets with the trackside bookies. If you have your mobile phone or tablet device with you, then you can of course bet online or via a mobile betting app, and the other way you can place a bet when visiting such a venue if by placing it on the Tote. The Tote is a pooled betting service, which once was Government owned, then was purchased by Betfred, but it is now facing competition from a brand-new pool betting service that being BritBet. BritBet is made up of a lot of racecourse owners across the UK who are going to be offering their customers a range of bets and wagers that operate using a ...