The Mercedes Team are a Solid Bet to Win the Monaco Grand Prix

This coming weekend we will of course find out which driver and their respective team has come out on top and has won the Monaco Grand Prix, and if that is a race that you have been keeping an eye on in the betting markets, then now is a good time to finally place your bet on it.

Betfred do of course have their usual early betting markets on that race open right now, and its true to say that plenty of punters have been taking advantage of the odds they are offering on the team to win betting market.

The smart money has of course already been pouring in for Mercedes, for much like each other Grand Prix race so far run this season, it is the Mercedes team that most punters expected to win, and as for what odds BetFred are offering on them to do so in this race, they are reasonable I suppose at 3/5.

That isn’t to say that team Red Bull are not without their chances, and they are the second favourite team to win, and with odds of 9/4 being offered on them to do so there will be plenty of you out there prepared to take those odds.

Team Ferrari Next in the Monaco Grand Prix Betting

Things will need to fall into place perfectly it does have to be said for the third favourite, that being Ferrari to win the Monaco Grand Prix this year, but that may just happen and with a little bit of luck next weekend they could win it.

By placing your bets on Ferrari at BetFred right now then you should be able to secure odds of a very generous 7/1 on them winning, which some of you out there may just be prepared to do.

Its Hard to See Any Other Team Winning

For those of you that are prepared to take some risk on betting on this year’s running of the Monaco Grand Prix, then you are going to be rewarded with some truly huge odds by backing any of the other teams to win.

Take for example both team Renault and team Haas, the odds on both of those teams are three digits with BetFred going 400/1 on both and you can get even higher odds currently on team McLaren and team Toro Rosso and those odds for reference are 500/1.

It is however going to take a great leap of faith for most punters to even consider placing a bet on team Alfa Romeo or team Racing Point for with odds attached to both of those two teams of 750/1 those odds do give you an idea of their respective chances of winning.

Once again in this race much like all others it is the Williams team that are completely friendless in the betting markets, and the odds do jump quite noticeably on them winning for you should have no problem getting odds are huge as 1000/1 at BetFred or any other betting site on them winning this race.