The UK Festival of Greyhound Racing 2018

It will be the greyhound stadium up in Sunderland that many fans of the sport will be heading this Wednesday, for it is on Wednesday night that the UK Festival of Greyhound Racing meeting will be held and there will be plenty of betting opportunities on each of the major races held there that night!

I know that many of your will have been backing greyhounds that have been taking their chances on the individual heats, in the hope the ones you backed won and then secured their respective place in the finals of those races, and Betfred have now opened their ante post betting markets on each of those finals too.

Therefore today I am going to be giving you a few pointers as to where the smart money is going on those races, and as such let me start off by looking at the Sunderland Grand Prix Final which is scheduled to start at 21:06.

Lots of cash has already been placed on both Lightfoot King and Bombers Bullet in that race, and the respective odds of those two greyhounds are currently 9/4 and 5/2. However, Ballymac Twitter is also attracing some support from trap 5 at odds of 11/4.

Sunderland Festival Flyer

Another race you are probably going to want to have a financial interest in on Wednesday night at Sunderland Greyhound Stadium is the 20:22 race that being the Sunderland Festival and all eyes will be on the trap 5 runner that being Queen Anna who has been backed right down to odds of 6/4 on the ante post betting markets.

However, it is certainly not a foregone conclusion that Queen Anna will win that race for many punters are of the mind that either Ballymac Sexton or Moanteen Haye        will come out on top, and the odds on both of those greyhounds are currently 7/2!

Sunderland Classic

It will be at 21:22 that the Sunderland Classic race will be starting, and this does appear to be a fairly tight race to call from a betting point of view, for the form of both King Turbo running from trap 1 and also the form of King Elvis in trap 3 does give an indication it will be one of those two greyhounds that should win the race.

However, I do think that if King Turbo does start well and manages to make the first bend intact it will be a very hard greyhound to peg back, and those 6/4 odds do look the value bet of the day and well worth taking!

The Sunderland Puppy Plate race is starting at 20:07and I do feel that it will be a major surprise and a major upset for punters if Droopys Trapper doesn’t win, for there has been huge amounts of cash already placed on that greyhound and the best odds I have so far come across this morning have been 4/6, which are currently on offer over at the Betfred betting site, so act quickly if you do fancy the chances of Droopys Trapper!