This Weekends Best Football Betting Opportunities

West Ham are playing Manchester United tomorrow at home and you do of course have no end of betting opportunities available upon that match, and in fact on every other match that is being played this weekend too.

Betway are a betting site that is famed for not only having the largest number of betting markets on all upcoming football matches, but they can always be relisted on to give you the best odds on each match too.

Therefore in this best bets guide I am going to be taking a look at the football matches that Betway do have listed on their football betting markets for tomorrow and will also be pointing you in the right direction as to which outcome you should be betting on in all of those featured matches too.

As for the West Ham vs. Manchester United match, well the home advantage for West Ham isn’t going to be doing them any favours, for their win odds at Betway for that match are 100/3; the draw doesn’t look likely either for you can get odds of 13/5 on that match ending in a draw.

It is however an away win for Manchester United that I think is going to be the most likely outcome, and if that is something you agree with me on the head on over to Betway for they will give you odds of 17/20 on a United win and you are going to be very hard pressed to find better odds than that!

Arsenal vs. Watford

The match being played on Saturday between Arsenal and Watford could hardly be called a clash of the titans, for from both a betting point of view and a form point of view there is only going to be one possible outcome in that match!

That is of course a win for the home team Arsenal, and if you have studied the current form of both teams then you will probably agree with me that there is no chance that Watford could come out on top and the draw isn’t going to be the most likely of outcome either!

As for just what odds you are going to be able to secure on Arsenal winning that match, well once again it is Betway that are leading the field on their football betting markets, and the odds they have up for grabs on Arsenal winning that match are very reasonable given their obvious chances of doing so.

The win odds on Arsenal are currently 9/20 and being fixed odds you are not likely to see them increase or decrease, but if for whatever reason you do however think that match is going to go the way of a draw then Betway will give you odds of 15/4 on the draw.

If on the other hand your loyalties do lay with Watford then you will not fail to be impressed with the overly generous odds attached to Watford winning away this weekend and those odds are 11/2!

Everton vs. Fulham

Keep in mind that when betting on the Long List betting market over at Betway you do of course have the option of including any number of teams that you think are going to win their respective matches this weekend together on an accumulator bet.

That is probably going to be something more punters will be doing when they have selected any number of teams whose odds are odds-on for it will give them the chance of getting a fairly decent winning payout, if all of their teams do win rather than the much smaller returns paid when backing those low odds teams as single win bets.

Moving onto the Everton Fulham match, well I do think you will be best off backing Everton to win that match and possibly having them included in an accumulator bet, for the odds that Betway are giving away on them winning is 3/4.

The draw odds are actually high on that match at Betway for they are going 3/1 on the draw, which does of course mean they think there is no chance of it ending in a draw and as for the odds of Fulham winning that match, well there is some true valued on offer if you do think the underdogs are going to win that match as you can back them at 100/30.

But to be perfectly honest I do think the only possible outcome of that match is a quite decisive win for Everton, so do keep that in mind!

Huddersfield vs. Tottenham

As for where the value lays on the Huddersfield vs. Tottenham match, which much like all of the matches that are listed above that are being played this Saturday, well it probably will not surprise you to learn that it is Tottenham that most bookies, their odds compilers and punters think are going to win that match and fairly easily too.

As such with so many people convinced that Tottenham are going to win away from home tomorrow you are not going to get rewarded with huge odds on them doing o, no matter where you chose to place your football bets.

Having said that though as is always the case Betway have the best odds on all three possible outcomes in that match, so if you do fancy the chances of Tottenham winning then they will give you odds of 9/20 on them winning, which in the grander scheme of things are some pretty impressive odds to say the least!

As for what odds you can get on a Huddersfield win, well those odds are massive at 13/2, but they do clearly give you an indication of the chances of Huddersfield winning that match, which are not very large!

If you think that the match is going to end all fair and square and be a draw hen the 100/30 draw odds are also generous too. Plus, don’t forget that Betway do have a high valued sign up bonus you will qualify for if you are not yet a customer of their betting site, if you click through our links to get to their website!