This Weekends UFC 228 Bouts

There are more than enough UFC 228 bouts taking place this weekend on both the 8th and 9th of  September 2018, and I would like to give you an insight into each of those bouts and enlighten you on the odds you can secure on each of them too.

The odds on Neal and Camacho in their bout are 8/15 and 6/4 respectively and you can get even money and 4/5 on Benoit v Sanchez t win their bout respective too, and the odds on both Aldana and Pudilova to win their bout are the same over at Betfred and as such you will get 10/11 offer to you on either of them winning!

Two other bouts that are bound to attract plenty of money on the betting markets are Miller v White whose respective win odds are 6/5 and 4/6 and the very last bout taking platform on Saturday night at 23:00 is the Sanchez v White bout and if you think Sanchez will win you can secure odds on him doing so of 7/4 and you can get odds on White winning at 4/9.

Best Odds on UFC 228 Matches

There are two matches that realty do stand out as having some overly generous odds on them in this weekend’s UFC 228 bouts, the first is the 23:30 match on the 8th of September 2018 between Rivera v Dodson, the odds on a Rivera win are 4/6 and there is also value to be had on Dobson whose odds currently at Betfred are 6/5.

I also like the odds on the 00:05 match on the 9th of September too for you can currently take advantage of some high odds of 8.13 on the most likely winner of that match that being Razak Alhassan but you can also get some fair odds of 5/4 on Price winning that match too.

UFC Bouts on the 9th of September 2018

Let me get straight down to business now and present to you the list of bouts that are going to be in play on the 9th of September 2018, in the 00:30 bout between Byrd v Stewart it is Byrd you can back at odds of 4/9 and the odds of Stewart are 7/4.

In the 01:00 bout the current favourite to win is Sterling at 8/11 but you can of course take the odds of 11/10 on his opponent Stamann winning if you think that will be the outcome of that bout.

You may be tempted to bet on the 02:00 bout for by doing so you are going to be able to secure right now odds of 10/3 on Esparza winning, but to be honest it does look like Suarez cannot lose that match being as his win odds are 1/5.

A few other matches and the odds on offer are Andrade at 2/9 to beat  Kowalkiewicz at  3/1, Montano at 7/1 to beat  Shevchenko at  1/14 and you can also get offs of 10.11 on both Woodley and Till in their bout too.