This Weekends UFC 231 Bouts and Betting Odds

Mixed Martial Arts fans are going to have plenty of UFC 231 bouts that they are going to watch this coming weekend, and plenty of betting sites are offering you match odds on each of those bouts too, so if you fancy the chances of any fighter then do read on!

The following odds are available at BetFred who are also offering punters a range of additional betting opportunities that you are more than welcome to make use of or simply check out by visiting their website, but click through our links when you do so for a high valued welcome bonus if you haven’t yet signed up to that betting site!

The first UFC 231 bout that is taking place this coming weekend is the bout between Clark and Rakić however with Clark being very easy to back, and it does have to be said completely friendless in the betting market at odds of 4/1, this is a match that should certainly go the way of his opponent who is 1/6.

There are some very low odds on the Laprise v Lima match well they are low if you fancy backing the favourite to win that match that being the former named player, for his win odds on this bout are 1/4 which are low compared to those of Lima who probably will get beaten quite resoundingly, as pointed out by his readily available win odds of 11/4!

It should be a close run bout, the one that sees Katona taking on Lopez, however one fighter do have to be the favourite to win such a bout and it is Katona who is taking that honour currently at odds of 8/15, however Lopez is certainly not without a chance of winning as reflected by his rather low win odds of 6/4!

There isn’t much separating either Anders and Theodorou in regards to both fighters current form, and as such the bookies have a fairly even book available on that UFC 231 bout, on which if you choose to bet with BetFred is going to see you being offered even money on Anders and odds of 4/5 on Theodorou winning too.

One match that I will both be watching and also betting on is the Chookagian v Eye but and it should be a good one to watch, but from a betting point of view it appears that the smart money is lumping on Chookagian to win and that has forced his odds, due to the sheer volume of cash being placed on him to win this bout, down to 4/7 and Eye is up for grabs and easy to back at odds of 11/8.

If you are trying to make sense of the Aubin-Mercier v Burns bout in regards to which fighter you should be backing, then a toss of a coin make bee needed to help you make up your mind as the odds on Aubin-Mercier are 4/5 and the odds on Burns are just a tad higher at even money, so either fighter could some out on top and win that match.

Gadelha v Ansaroff

One fight that should be very quickly over is the one between Gadelha and Ansaroff, in fact you only have to take a look at the odds on offer to realise that Gadelha is going to take all the beating in that match for he is a safe bet to win it at odds of 2/7 as opposed to the 5/2 on offer on Ansaroff.

You really do have a lot of bouts to bet on this weekend and another one that should cause you too many difficulties trying to work out the result of is the Manuwa v Santos match, on the balance of form it is Santos that should be the winner of that fight and that is reflected in the fact that BetFred are offering him at odds of 4/9!

If you do intend to place an Acca type of bet this weekend on any of the many UFC 231 bouts then another one that may just be worth including on your bet is the Dawodu v Bochniak fight, there is a fair chance either fighter could come out on top and win that match but as far as the bookies think they are offering 4/7 on the former and 11/8 on the latter named fighter.

I have also been trying to work out whether it will be Oliveira or Nelson that will win their upcoming fight, and with Oliveira available at odds of 11/10 which is slightly better than even money and with Nelson available at 8/11, I am going to leave it up to you as to which one of them you think will win that match as it is too close to call in my opinion.

There are just two additional UFC 231 bouts that you can bet on in the upcoming few days and the next one to cast your eyes over is what I feel a very one sided match for sure.

That is the Shevchenko v Jedrzejczyk match and to be perfectly honest it would be a major upset if Shevchenko does not win that fight and that is certainly a view that is shared be the odds compiling team over at the BetFred betting site for they have made him the 1/4 favourite to win that bout and have given his opponent much higher valued odds those being 11/4.

A very well balanced set of odds are on offer on the final UFC 231 match that will see Holloway taking on Ortega.

As for where the value lays in that match on the BetFred betting market, well you can back Holloway who does have a chance of winning it at odds of 4/5, however there is just as much chance that Ortega could win it too and as far as the odds you will be offered on him doing so, they are certainly appealing being as they are currently even money!