This Weeks Midweek English Football Action

There are more than enough football matches kicking off both tonight and tomorrow night for you to put together a potentially huge paying Acca bet, and to get a decent payout on such bets you do of course need to know where to place your bets.

The current best bookie at which I have found very decent odds on each of those matches is Novibet, they do of course welcome all UK based punters, and if you click on our links to get to their betting site a handsome sign up offer is available to you too.

Let me now give you a few pointers as to which teams are expected to win this week’s midweek football matches on both the 4th and 5th of December 2018 starting with the Bournemouth v Huddersfield match that is kicking off at 19:45 tonight.

The home team advantage should play into the hands of Bournemouth and as such they look a rock solid bet at odds of 7/10 to win that match the draw and away team odds for reference are 11/4 and 17/4 respectively.

Another match that I do think is going to go the way of the home team tonight is in the Brighton v Crystal Palace match that also has a kick off time of 19:45.

The odds currently chalked up at Novibet are worth taking on a Brighton win being as they are 19/10, the draw odds are 9/4 but the odds compiler at that betting site do also think that Crystal Palace also have just as much chance of winning at Brighton and are offering identical offs on them doing so as on Brighton of 19/10!

Whether or not the West Ham v Cardiff match tonight is one you do fancy having a financial interest in, there is no getting away from the fact that once again it is the Novibet betting site that are offering punters a fair set of odds, those being 7/10 on the home team winning, 29/10 on the draw and 4/1 on Cardiff winning that match, but I doubt Cardiff will win it!

The Watford v Manchester City is kicking off a tad later than the above matches at 20:00 and it would be something of a miracle if Watford won that match at 9/1, the draw also looks unlikely but Novibet are offering 19/4 on that match ending in a draw, but the smart money is going on a Manchester City win at odds of 3/10.

Wednesday Nights English Football Matches

Moving onto the matches that are going to be licking off tomorrow night, one that does look heavily one-sided is the match between Burnley and Liverpool that match has the standard evening kick off time of 19:45 but there is nothing standard about the odds at Novibet!

You can back Burnley at gigantic win odds of 10/1 and the draw odds are huge too being as they are currently 9/2, but the team that should win that match and with no great deal of effort to is Liverpool of course and as far as their win odds in that match, as you would expect they are low at 2/7!

Another match in which the home team are at fairly short odds-on to win is the Everton v Newcastle match and as Everton are playing at home and with Newcastle being in the current form they are it is no surprise that Novibet have Everton on offer at odds of 3/5, the draw at 29/10 and Newcastle the underdogs in that match at odds of 21/4.

If the Fulham v Leicester match is one you do fancy betting on then be aware that match also kicks off at 19:45, so you do have plenty of time to get your bets placed on it, the home team are the outsiders at 2/1, the draw seems an unlikely outcome of that match at 5/2 and the bet of the day has to be on a Leicester win at odds of 27/20.

Moving onto another match I am confident that plenty of you will want to bet on, that being the Wolves v Chelsea match, Novibet are giving you odds of 15/4 on Wolves winning that match, 11/4 on the draw and 3/4 on Chelsea to take home the 3 points which they surely must do.

There has already been plenty of cash bet on the Manchester United v Arsenal match that has a kick off time this Wednesday night of 20:00 and the odds to be fair to Novibet are fair, as you can back United to come out on top and win that match at that betting site at odds of 7/5 the draw odds are equally as generous at 5/2 but many punters are currently backing Arsenal to win at odds of 39/20.

The only other English team football match that is being played on Wednesday night is the Tottenham v Southampton match, and it probably won take you too long to work out for yourself just which team is going to win that match.

That team is of course Tottenham and the odds you can secure right now on them doing so are 5/12, the draw odds and the away team odds for reference are 15/4 and 27/4 respectively.

If you do fancy placing an additional bet on that match keep in mind that Novibet are offering a whopping 173 other types of bets on it, so you are bound to find at least one that does appeal to you.

They are offer for example and over/under 2.5 goals betting market on that match and as such if you think that there will be over 2.5 goals scored in hat match they will give you odds of 4/6 on that being the case, however if you think that there will only be a maximum of two goals scored in total in that match then Novibet will let you back the under 2.5 goals betting options and take odds of 6/5 on it.