Tips for Fridays Beat the Clock Football Coupon

If there is just one football betting coupon that has punters lumping on every week it has to be the Betfred Beat the Clock betting coupon, for there are huge amounts of cash waiting to be won, and once you have placed such a bet you will be happy if any team scores in any match!

The way in which the Beat the Clock betting coupon that is exclusively available from Betfred works is simply, you will be presented with a list of football mean, and have to then pick from three or fifteen of those matches.

The matches you pick will simply be have to be ones in which at least one goal is going to be scored,  however you have two options available to you those being that one team in all matches you do select will score a goal within 20 minutes of the kick off or in 30 minutes instead.

The more matches you select the bigger and better valued the pay-out odds will become, and it is up to you which matches you do select, as long as you pick out three of them.

More Selections Means Bigger Pay-Outs

I did hint about that the more matches you select the bigger the pay-out odds are, I should point out that each match does not have its own individual odds associated with them, there are a set of fixed odds dependent on how many matches you select.

When picking the minimum number of matches permitted on one of these coupons you stand to win a pay-out of 9.2m which grows in value the more matches you puck, and when picking fifteen of them the pay-out odds if at least one team in each match scores within 20 minutes are 3500/1!

Best Bets for Friday Nights Football Action

If you do fancy giving one of these types of football coupons a try then you will need to sign up to Betfred, and by doing so by using out links their welcome bonus off will be available to you if you have not yet got an account with them.

As for testing a Beta the Clock bet out then a few matches that could see any number of goals being scored in them within 20 minutes include the 17:30 match between Paderborn and Ssv Jahn Regensburg, the 18:00 match between Dalkurd v Malmo and also the 19:00 match that sees Grenoble Foot 39 taking on Niort.

If you fancy increasing the number of matches on your coupon then consider adding the 19:00 match between Nancy v Lens, the 19:00 match that is going to see Troyes taking their chances against Beziers  and there is of course also the match that is kicking off at 20:00 that I am sure you will already be aware of that being the match between Man Utd and Leicester which should be worth including on your coupon bet!