Tips for This Weekend’s NFL Matches

At this stage of the NFL season there are plenty of teams that should win their respective matches, if of course they play up to their current form, and today in this best bets of the day guide I am going to be guiding you through each of this coming weekend NFL matches.

One thing that will of course not escape your notice as you go hunting around different betting markets at different sports betting sites, is that the odds you will find on offer on each listed team will be different.

So, with that in mind I will be quoting the current live betting odds that are available on the NFL matches listed below that are on offer at Paddy Power who can always be relied on to give you some of the best odds in the industry of all upcoming NFL matches!

They will additionally give you a welcome bonus when you click through our links to get to their website, but as always do read through their terms and conditions so you don’t fall foul of any of them!

The Atlanta Falcons v Washington Redskins match is one that I have had my eye on for quite some time, for I am of the mind it won’t be the Falcons that will win that match, who for reference are on offer at odds of 23/20, but instead it should be the Reskins that come out on top, so I have already secured the 8/11 odds that Paddy Power are offering on that team to win!

It shouldn’t be too difficult for the Chicago Bears to win their match against the Buffalo Bills this weekend, in fact that is a result that most people think will occur, and as for the odds available on both teams, well if you are quick you should be able to still get the 1/5 odds on the Bears and the 15/4 odds on the Bills if you think they are going to win, which I feel they won’t!

This Weekends Smart Money NFL Bets

If you have been watching the Detroit Lions play recently, then you will realise that they have something of an uphill task to beat the Minnesota Vikings this weekend, and the Lions are on offer at odds of 2/1, but you should be backing the Vikings at 5/12!

Moving onto the Kansas City Chiefs v Cleveland Browns match, at odds of 1/4 it is difficult to see any other outcome of that match than a decisive win for the Chiefs, but if your loyalties lay with the Browns then their odds are going to appeal to you on winning that match as they are 31/10 to do so.

As for just which team you should be placing your hard earned money on in the New York Jets v Miami Dolphins match, it is the Jets that are expected to win that match and if you are quick you can get odds of 13/10 on them doing just that, as far as the odds go on the Dolphins winning this match, well they are up for grabs at odds of 20/31!

I am of the mind that with a little bit of luck in playing the Pittsburgh Steelers who are currently 23/20 to beat the Baltimore Ravens may just win this weekends match, but there is a lot of support for the Steelers who are currently trading at odds of 8/11 to win that match.

I doubt that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be celebrating after their match against the Carolina Panthers, as at odds of 9/4 they are the underdogs to win that match, and it they play up to their current form then the Panthers should win that match with great ease, and their odds of doing so currently are appealing I guess, as they are 4/11.

As far as the Houston Texans v Denver Broncos match goes, there really isn’t much separating both teams in regards to their current form, and that does reflect in the odds being offered to customers of Paddy Power on that match, who are going 20/21 on a Texans win and 20/23 on a Broncos win, and I doubt you are going to find better odds than those no matter where you look!

A Few Other NFL Matches to Bet On

There are several other upcoming NFL matches that you may just fancy betting on and one that springs to mind that is a puzzler to try and predict the outcome of is the Los Angeles Chargers  v Seattle Seahawks match in which the former team are up for grabs at odds of 20/23 and the latter named team are in with a chance of winning if their 20/21 are taken at face value!

You may also find the odds that are on offer on both teams in the Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints match of interest if you are a fan of either team, for Paddy Power are going 4/5 on a Rams win in that match and have the Saints on offer at some rather generous odds of 21/20.

If you are in the UK then it will be on Monday that you will find the Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots match being broadcast on a few select TV sports channels, and if that is a match you fancy betting on too the odds you can currently secure on the Packers at Paddy Power are worth taking being as they are on offer at odds of 2/1, however the most likely outcome of that NFL match is a win for the Patriots who are 5/12.

There is also a match that will be being shown on UK TV on Tuesday morning, quite early in fact at 01:15 and that match is of course the one between the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys.

If that is a match you are planning on watching and do also fancy having a financial interest in it you can bag odds of 19/10 on the Titans right now over at the Paddy Power betting site or when making use of their betting app and the odds on the Cowboys are 10/23.