Today’s BDO World Championships Matches

The BDO World Championship darts tournament is of course in play, and there are several matches that I am sure some of you out there will be interested in betting on during the course of the day.

Even though you are going to find plenty of betting sites offering odds on each of those upcoming matches today, I do feel it will be worth your time and effort checking out the odds available over at the Coral betting site, for they have boosted the odds on offer on several of the following matches.

Take for example the David Cameron v Andy Hamilton match that will be starting at 1:15 PM this afternoon, they have Cameron on offer at high odds of 10/3, however most fans of the sport and punters will be pinning their hopes that Hamilton will win that match for in his current form he has a great chance of doing so, and the odds available on him winning are 2/9.

A little later on in the afternoon there is the match between Oliver Ferenc and Ryan Hogarth, and that match will be in play at 2:15 PM, the odds on both players do give you an insight into their respective chances of winning, and Ferenc is 8/5 and Hogarth is available at odds of 1/2.

Willem Mandigers v Paul Hogan

It will be at 3:30 PM that you will find the Willem Mandigers v Paul Hogan match starting this afternoon, and that match is one that many punters have been betting on, with Hogan the red-hot favourite to win it.

The odds on him doing so are not that short to be fair to the Coral betting site odds compilers for they have Hogan chalked up to win at odds of 4/9 and also are offering 7/2 on Mandigers winning that match too, however it is Hogan that has to be the smart money darts bet of the day!

Michael Unterbuchner v Justin Thompson

The next BDO match of the day will be at 7:00 PM and that will be when most punters will be hoping that Michael Unterbuchner wins his match against Justin Thompson, for plenty of punters have been backing him to win that match for quite some time.

In fact, the volume of wagers that have already being placed on him winning that darts match has forced his outright win odds down to just 1/3, however he should in that match as there is very little chances that Thompson will do so and his odds for reference are 9/4.

Jim Williams v Roger Janssen

Moving onto the 8:45 PM match, that is one in which Jim Williams is expected to win at the expense of his opponent that being Roger Janssen and his chance so winning are indicated by him being on offer at odds of just 3/10.

But for those of you that are convinced that Janssen will come out on top and win, his win odds for reference are 5/2.